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Quality Teaching Circle

The Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives proudly sponsors the ASU Quality Teaching Circle Initiative, a component of the university’s mentoring program. The purpose of this initiative is to promote excellence in teaching, research and service among tenure-track faculty members by creating positive and safe environments for faculty members to exchange ideas, receive enriching criticism, express concerns and access a university-wide support system.

The QTCI meets twice each semester with a faculty member either presenting initial research efforts or facilitating a discussion on a topic of interest. Benefits and topical coverage will include:

  • Establishment of a forum for tenure-track (junior) faculty members to discuss concerns, and receive guidance, in the areas of teaching, research and service.
  • Encourage formal and informal mentorship relations between junior and senior faculty.
  • Discuss personal research agendas, pending research proposals and receive feedback prior to journal submission or conference presentation.
  • Discuss improving overall teaching skills.
  • Discuss best practices in navigating the promotion, retention and tenure process.
  • Discuss best practices in managing difficult personalities and resolving conflict.

Dates for QTCI meetings are announced at the beginning of each semester.

**Refreshments are served at each session.