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Arkansas Biosciences Institute

ABI will become internationally recognized as a leader in health and life sciences research. Its multifaceted programs will strengthen Arkansas through science-based economic development including research, education, and technology.

A Leader in Health Sciences Research

By working on joint and related research initiatives, the five member organizations created a large community of scientists and researchers who can better compete for external grant awards from federal sources and national foundations, increase the number of scientists and staff supported by extramural funding, share resources (equipment and expertise), attract other scientists to Arkansas, and encourage science-based economic development in the state.

 ABI is sponsoring the ABI Summer Internship this summer. This program is to provide basic support for Arkansas State University undergraduate students to enhance their academic experience by providing them with opportunities to participate in hands-on research and creative work with faculty and staff - in the sciences, engineering, professional programs, arts, humanities or the social sciences (not limited to the sciences). Interns will be required to present on their experiences and findings of this project in early Fall to the A-State community.

The application and mentor list is attached. All qualifying students are encouraged to apply. We have provided a brief summary from each faculty participating as a mentor in this program.

The amount of each internship is $2,500*, for which each student will be required to work twenty (20) hours per week for ten (10) weeks. Application deadline is noon April 15. Interns will be able to start as early as May 10.

Minimum Qualifications

♦ Must have completed at least 30 credit hours as of May 15 but will not complete an undergraduate degree prior to December 2021 at Arkansas State University.

♦ Selection criteria will be based upon academic credentials and the compatibility of student and mentor research interests.

 Applicant Process:

  1. Ensure the minimum qualifications are met prior to application
  2. Review and select mentor/research interests from attached summaries
  3. Complete application packet requirements
  4. Contact possible mentor to schedule an interview
  5. If a mentor recommends you, please ensure the entire application packet is submitted to hopep@astate.edu or ABI 101 prior to the deadline (noon April 15).  A limit of one applicant submission per mentor.

 We are offering two “Student Ready for Success to Apply” sessions via zoom.  This is completely voluntary and is intended to assist those that may have questions or concerns about applying with confidence.  Two sessions will be offered:

Monday, April 5th at 12:00 noon
Meeting ID: 989 2723 4238

Thursday, April 8th at 8:30am 
Meeting ID: 988 9344 7655


The A-State Arkansas Biosciences Institute (ABI) is soliciting proposals from A-State faculty (applicants must be current tenured, tenure-track, or affiliated (as approved by Graduate Council) faculty on the Jonesboro campus) to provide seed funds for new discoveries consistent with the mission of the ABI that will lead to nationally competitive grants and publications.  Details are provided in the Request for Proposal FY22 for 2 years attachment.

Please note a few additions in Eligibility and Requirements have been added:

PIs are not eligible if they have a funded ABI seed grant in FY22.

Researchers previously awarded an ABI seed grant which led to submitted grant proposals must provide the agency, grant title and date submitted.  The proposal submissions from previous ABI seed grants (if any) will be a factor in the evaluation process.


March 2 (10:00am) – Letter of Intent due, email to Hope Phillips (hopep@astate.edu)
April 15 (10:00am) – Complete Proposal due, attachments uploaded into Cayuse & approvals complete
June 10 – Notice to Funded Recipients
July 1 – Project funding begins

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Budget Proposal
Current Pending Support form
NSF Biographical Sketch Sample/Template

Mission Statement

The mission of the ABI is to improve the health of Arkansans through new and expanded agricultural and medical research initiatives.

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