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Core Facilities And Centers

Core Facilities comprise shared research instruments accessible to the scientific community. Currently, this equipment at ABI is classified into ten Core Units.

Animal Cell Culture >>

These laboratories are equipped with instruments suitable for BSL2 research. Biosafety cabinets, CO2 incubators backed up by automatic gas tank switchers, upright and inverted microscopes, and automated brightfield/fluorescence cell counters are part of this facility.

Flow Cytometry >>

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool in today’s life sciences research. The fluorescence-activated cell sorter/flow cytometer (BD FACSAria™) system supports cell biology studies including biomarkers detection, cell counting, cell identification, and cell sorting.

Histology >>

This unit provides support for the fixation of cells and tissues, sectioning of samples with a cryostat, and embedding and sectioning with a microtome.

Imaging >>

Our imaging core facility includes computer-assisted microscopes, stereoscopes, image analyzers, and a scanning electron microscope for cell and tissue visualizations with fixed samples and live cells/tissues. Different types of illumination are available, including bright field, phase contrast, confocal, fluorescence, and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC).

Mass Spectroscopy >>

Analyte characterization is supported by a High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) with UV/visible and fluorescence detectors, coupled to a linear ion trap Mass Spectrometer. This assembly allows the identification and characterization of small molecules for further testing through biochemical and cellular studies.

Molecular Biology >>

A wide range of instruments support our research in molecular biology. This includes microvolume spectrophotometers for DNA/RNA/protein quantification, UV/visible and fluorescence multi-well plate readers, automated electrophoresis stations, and real-time PCR thermal cyclers supported by an automated micro-pipetting robot.

Phenomics >>

High-throughput phenotyping (HTP) is a modern scientific method that allows the simultaneous analysis of several experimental samples under specific conditions. HTP use advanced cameras, lasers, and computer algorithms to quantify plant growth and stress in a fast, accurate, unbiased, and non-destructive manner.

Plant Cell and Tissue Culture >>

In vitro plant cell and tissue culture work is carried out in rooms equipped with clean bench hoods and instruments made for work under sterile conditions. A helium-based particle bombardment system for plant cell transformation is a part of this unit.

Radioactivity >>

Whenever support is needed for research with radioactive species, a certified facility equipped for this purpose is available at the ABI. This includes a liquid scintillation instrument, Geiger-Müller monitors, and other laboratory equipment for safe and contained work.

General Support >>

General laboratory instruments cover any lab needs. This includes high-speed floor-type centrifuges, an ultracentrifuge, an image analyzer for gels/blots, an automated film developer, and a lyophilizer among other pieces of equipment.

For additional information, please contact:

Luis Nopo, Ph.D.
Director for Research Administration

Arkansas Research Alliance Core Facilities Exchange (CFE)

The Arkansas Research Alliance Core Facilities Exchange (CFE) is an online platform that shows research instrumentation and accompanying services available at laboratories across the state. The CFE intends to create awareness of and facilitate access to the presence, capabilities, and availability of high-value equipment in the state among the Arkansas research community.

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