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Draft Plan

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Final Draft Strategic Plan

Below is the report of the January 2020 Strategic Plan Executive Committee, which incorporated the suggestions of the individual goal study groups. This draft was prepared for submission to the overall Strategic Plan Committee and Chancellor Damphousse. The meeting was delayed due to coronavirus pandemic response. 

Goal 1: Develop a diverse learning community and innovative environment that provides engaged and continuous support for future and current students to pursue lifelong goals.

  1. Optimize undergraduate and graduate student recruitment in Arkansas and beyond (regional, national, international) through customized, targeted promotion
  2. Build an agile system of linked communication and tracking to support undergraduate and graduate student success and improve retention
  3. Create opportunities for P-12 students to engage with the university

Implementation Leaders

  • Dr. Alan Utter, Provost and Executive VC Academic Affairs and Research
  • Dr. Bryan Terry, VC for Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Thilla Sivakumaran, VC for Global Strategies and Outreach

Goal 2: Invest in viable and relevant academic programs designed to meet the needs of our students and their future employers

  1. Foster and promote General Education to expand the learning experiences of students in an ever-changing society
  2. Assess the viability and relevance of new and current academic programs
  3. Actively encourage academic programs to utilize interdisciplinary approaches to enhance creativity and critical thinking
  4. Increase high-impact opportunities for all students such as study abroad, internships, student research
  5. Create educational programs that are responsive to the employment needs in our region

Implementation Leaders

  • Dr. Alan Utter, Provost and Executive VC Academic Affairs and Research
  • Dr. Erika Krennerich Chudy, VC for University Advancement

Goal 3: Strengthen the University’s engagement with the community through economic and cultural endeavors

  1. Leverage our current role as a cultural center to become the recognized and valued cultural hub for the Jonesboro region and Northeast Arkansas
  2. Designate and invest resources in areas necessary to oversee and champion the university’s overall role in the community.
  3. Partner with community stakeholders to advance and create diversity initiatives
  4. Increase workforce placement and partnerships through collaborations with business, industry, nonprofit and other educational organizations
  5. Create organizational structures to coordinate and centralize community engagement activities

Implementation Leaders

  • Dr. Lonnie Williams, Interim VC for Diversity and Community Engagement
  • Dr. Erika Krennerich Chudy, VC for University Advancement

Goal 4: Invest in academic research, scholarly activities and creative endeavors (faculty and student) that build on academic strengths and leverage regional opportunities.

  1. Invest in faculty research, student research and administrative research capacity
  2. Incentivize entrepreneurial ventures through faculty startups, industry partnerships, private sector, government, public and non-profit organizations/spaces
  3. Invest in new and innovative research areas
  4. Build and equip adequate academic facilities

Implementation Leaders

  • Dr. Alan Utter, Provost and Executive VC Academic Affairs and Research

Goal 5: Improve campus culture and promote shared values

  1. Incorporate the Every Red Wolf Counts philosophy in all areas of the campus community
  2. Embrace diversity, inclusion, and civility as important values
  3. Invest in professional development and recognize employees for their commitment to campus service
  4. Encourage increased health and wellness program participation
  5. Foster a greater commitment to environmental impact and sustainability

Implementation Leaders

  • Dr. Len Frey, Executive VC for Finance and Administration
  • Mr. Terry Mohajir, VC for Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Dr. Martha Spack, VC for Student Affairs and Dean of Students