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Athletic Training

Master of Athletic Training (M.A.T.)

College: College of Nursing and Health Professions

Department: Athletic Training

What is Athletic Training?

Athletic trainers are multi-skilled health care professionals who work with physicians to provide preventative care, emergency treatment, clinical diagnosis and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

Athletic trainers attending to an injured football player

The Master of Athletic Training program at Arkansas State University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).

Accredited by CAATE

In the summer of 2020 the program received its initial accreditation. Our program is the first in Arkansas to be accredited with the new 2020 CAATE standards and one of the first in the nation. Our first cohort of students is set to graduate in August 2020.


Our Mission

The mission of the Master of Athletic Training (MAT) Program at Arkansas State University is to educate athletic training professionals to deliver patient-centered care as members of an interdisciplinary team emphasizing evidence based practice and to enhance and enrich the quality of life of all individuals and communities in the Mississippi Delta region who encounter A-State AT faculty, staff, and alumni.

Program Goals & Outcomes

  1. Goal: Prepare students to think critically and apply knowledge to the field of athletic training
    1. Outcome: Scholarly Inquiry:
      1. Critique research in athletic training and related disciplines as a basis for application to clinical practice
  2. Goal: Provide students with quality didactic and clinical learning experiences so as to provide excellent medical care
    1. Outcome: Standard of Care
      1. Demonstrate evidence based clinical practice and decision‐making in providing athletic training services
      2. Critically analyze, interpret and apply the results of published research and apply the findings to profession practice.
      3. Synthesize the principles of biomechanics, anatomy, and neurology to develop therapeutic interventions.
  1. Goal: Prepare students to successfully transition-to-practice in the field of athletic training and succeed with their professional goals
    1. Outcome: Professional & Personal Growth
      1. Demonstrate the importance of ethical decision-making in patient care decisions.
      2. Effectively communicate with patients, parents, supervisors, physicians, coaches, and peers.
      3. Recognize the role of athletic trainers as a healthcare provider as part of a multi-disciplinary team within the healthcare system.
      4. A minimum of 70% of each cohort of graduates will successfully pass the Board of Certification (BOC) exam the first time they take the exam.
  • Prerequisites

    Bachelor’s Degree Required

    All applicants must have a bachelor’s degree by the time they begin the program. No particular field of study is required; however students graduating with or possess degrees in fields such as physical education, health, exercise science or kinesiology/biomechanics are encouraged to apply.

    Prerequisite Coursework

    Satisfactory completion of the following courses with letter grades of B or higher are required for admission to the M.A.T. program.

    • Anatomy & Physiology I & II (including labs)
    • Chemistry
    • Physics I (including lab)
    • Biology
    • Psychology
    • Statistics
    • Kinesiology and/or Biomechanics

    Increasing Your Admissions Score

    Students are encouraged to complete additional preparation courses in the hard sciences beyond the M.A.T. prerequisites to receive additional weighting credit in the application scoring process.

    Students are encouraged to complete related specialty certifications such as Emergency Medical Technician, Teaching Certification, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist or Casting Certification prior to the start of the M.A.T. program to enhance the admissions score.

    Spanish proficiency also adds points to the overall scoring total.

  • Admission Process


    Arkansas State University's MAT program subscribes to the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS). Applicants for admission to the A-STATE MAT program MUST apply online using the ATCAS application. In addition, students must also apply online to the ASTATE Graduate Program. Transcripts must be sent to both ATCAS and A-STATE's Graduate Program (see links below).

    The deadline for submitting applications to ATCAS and Graduate Admissions is April 1st.

    Applying to ATCAS

    To learn more about the ATCAS application process and to get started, please go to the website https://atcas.liaisoncas.com/applicant-ux/#/login. If you encounter difficulty with ATCAS, please contact their customer service at 617-612-2075 or atcasinfo@liaisoncas.com.

    Once a student has submitted an application through ATCAS, the transcript information is verified by ATCAS. This process takes time and depends both on the efficiency of ATCAS and the speed with which your schools respond to the inquiries from ATCAS. A-State will accept completed, verified applications from ATCAS until March 31st.

    If ATCAS has not completed the verification process by April 1st, the application will not be considered, even if it was submitted by the deadline. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications well before the deadline to ensure that the verification process will be completed by the deadline.

    The Athletic Training Program will begin reviewing applications after April 1st.

    Applying to the A-State Graduate Program

    Once students have been accepted into the program through the ATCAS system, applicants will need to apply to the A-State Graduate Program, simply complete the online application on their website.  You will be prompted for the program in which you wish to apply for on the application. Applicants interested in applying to the program after April 1st must apply to the program directly through A-State admissions department.

    Go to the graduate program application>>

    Transcripts/ Immunizations

    Official transcripts MUST be sent to both ATCAS and A-STATE Traditional Graduate Programs. Please do not send transcripts to the A-STATE Athletic Training Department unless specifically requested to. Transcripts and immunization records for A-STATE Traditional Graduate Programs should be sent to:

    A-State Traditional Graduate Programs
    PO Box 1570
    State University, AR 72467

    A-State Graduate Programs' can be contacted at 870-972-2031 or gradadmissions@astate.edu .

    The application fee of $50 can be paid online (through your applicant account) or by phone to the Cashier’s Window at 870-972-3847.


    Students who have attended one or more of the A-STATE campuses (i.e. Newport, Beebe, etc.) must still request transcripts from them separately to be sent to A-STATE in Jonesboro. A-STATE campuses are independent of each other in regards to transcripts and can only be verified by the campus where the courses were actually taken.


    Based on recent legislation in Arkansas, students will be required to complete a background check AFTER they receive conditional admission into the program. 

    Arkansas State University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions works with Verified Credentials, Inc. to establish an acceptable screening procedure. The cost of the background check is between $50 and $100.

    Background Checks for Students Newly Admitted into the AT Program

    Students who are conditionally admitted into the AT program must submit an initial background check to complete their admission requirements into the program. View the step-by-step background check guide for new AT students>>>


    MAT Program Application Forms

    Applicants of the MAT program must complete and submit the forms and information found below before they are enrolled into the program. Please take the time to review the checklist and forms because several forms will require the review of a physician and personal immunization information. Some required information (CPR and First Aid Certification) do not have forms.

    1. Application Checklist
    2. Technical Standards
    3. Criminal Background Check
    4. Drug Screening Policy
    5. Student Health Record
    6. Hepatitis B Vaccination
    7. MMR Immunity Report

  • Tuition & Fees

    Athletic Training

    In-State Tuition (per credit hour)
    Out-of-State Tuition ( per credit hour)
    International Tuition (per credit hour)
    Required Hourly Fees
    Academic Excellence Fee
    Access and Security Fee
    Athletic Fee
    Facilities Fee
    Technology Fee
    Infrastructure Fee
    Library Fee
    Student Recreation Fee
    Student Union Fee
    Deferred Maintenance Fee
    CONHP Graduate Support Fee
    Total Per Credit Hour:
    Required Term Fees
    Arkansas Assessment Fee
    Student Activity Fee (3 or more hours)
    Total Per Term:
    The student activity is only charged in Fall & Spring terms.
    Estimated Additional Expenses
    Pre-Admissions Background Check
    A-State Application Fee
    Graduation Fee
    BOC Exam
    Liability Insurance
    Blood Borne Pathogen
    AATA Dues (annually)
    NATA and SWATA Dues (annually)
    Hepititis B Vacination
    Uniforms, name tags
    * U.S. Residents with a G.P.A. of at least 3.0 may qualify to receive in-state tuition rates
    Total Expenses
    Total Estimated Program Expenses
    *U.S. Residents with a G.P.A of at least 3.0 may qualify to receive in-state tuition rates. The total estimated program expense is based on in-state tuition rates. It does not include living expenses or charges related to parking on campus.
  • Coursework Overview

    Course Schedule

    The vision of the Master of Athletic Training (M.A.T.) Program at Arkansas State University is to foster collaborative and interprofessional education with students, faculty and alumni to elevate the health care provided to our communities.

    Curriculum and degree requirements can be found in the most current Graduate Bulletin.

    Visit the bulletins page >>

  • Student Achievement

    Program Graduation Rate

    # per class

    Program Retention Rate

    # per class
    Class of 2020 6/8 75%

    Graduation Placement

    # per class

    First-Time Pass Rate on the BOC Exam

    # per class