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2021 Scholarship Winners!

Our scholarship winners are Annalee Staton and Alandria Maddox.



Event Description

The FYE Common Reader Event showcases our Common Reader in a way that helps our campus feel a little smaller. The Common Reader: Teach Yourself How to Learn focuses on the notion that learning is a skill like any other and encourages readers to become keen learners. It bridges the divide between people previously thought of as “good or bad” at school. This idea is further reinforced by Bloom’s taxonomy, deep learning and metacognition.

How to Participate

Faculty can host a mini common reader event among their students, and nominate a student story to be posted on the A-State website through video format. All student stories may be submitted for publication in a compilation called, “Red Wolf Reads (2021).”

Important Dates:

Paper submissions and video recording requests should be submitted by Oct. 12th to Kelli Listenbee at klee@astate.edu.

What’s in it For Me

Two Lynita Cooksey Scholarship will be available to the best video submission and one will be available to someone who submitted to Red Wolf Reads. Submissions will be voted on both by students and the FYE Faculty Advisory Board.


View videos below and take a look at “Red Wolf Reads (2021)”, then VOTE HERE.

Drue Krauss

Alandria Maddox

Cidney Davis