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Pre-Assessed Experiences: Students may be eligible to earn course credit to earn course credit for some licenses, certificates, military, and other credentials from outside organizations. Examples of professional licensure or credentials include:

  • Real Estate
  • EMT
  • CNA
  • On the job training/certification

Pre-Assessed Experiences Process

  • Take an inventory of your knowledge and skills.
  • Choose the areas you want to earn college credit
  • Collect certificates, certifications, and/or licenses that verify you acquired knowledge.
  • Complete the PLA application. On your application make sure you select Pre-assessed experiences as your method of PLA.
  • Submit your verification documents to the PLA coordinator.
  • The PLA coordinator will contact and submit documentation to the corresponding department in which you seek to earn PLA credit from.
  • The PLA coordinator will notify the applicant via university email if he/she has been awarded credit.