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Biology Seminar Series

FALL 2022

Arkansas State University Biology Seminar Series Fall 2022. Fridays 12:00-1:00 PM (please see schedule below for time modifications) in ABI 107 (or over Zoom if indicated by *). Contact Than Boves with questions tboves@astate.edu
Date Seminar Title Speaker Institution Host Link
9/9/22* Preparing for insect transmitted pathogen outbreaks to protect US animal agriculture* Sr. Lee Cohnstaedt USDA Agricultural Research Service McKay
9/23/22 Choosy about their hosts and stingy with their guests: Host-associated evolution and microbiota of parasitic Orobanchaceae Dr. Adam Schneider University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Bellis
9/30/22 Tracking nearshore seabirds to understand and manage marine systems Dr. Juliet Lamb The Nature Conservancy Lamb/Rolland
10/7/22 Scaling MRV to track cropland residue dynamics Nathan Torbick Hummingbird & NASA NISAR Reba
10/21/22 Targeting cancer and immune cell fate with dietary phytochemicals Dr. Andrea Doseff Michigan State University Medina-Bolivar
10/28/22 New technological and statistical tools advance age-old questions in avian ecology Dr. Clark Rushing University of Georgia Boves
11/4/22 Understanding the effects of chemical contaminants on aquatic diversity Dr. Jeffrey Steevens United States Geological Survey Bouldin
11/18/22 A postdoc beetour into honey bee research Dr. Leigh Boardman University of Memphis Matthews/Boves/Wijeratne
12/2/22 Variation in nature: maintenance, benefits, and consequences Dr. Lynette Strickland University of Memphis Sweet