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Biology Seminar Series

Spring 2024

Arkansas State University Biology Seminar Series Spring 2024. Fridays 12:00-1:00 PM in ABI 107 (unless othewise noted). Contact Than Boves with questions tboves@astate.edu
Date Seminar Title Speaker Institution Host Link
1/19/24 Living with macrophages: Histoplasma intracellular metabolism and responses to carbon dioxide Dr. Qian Shen Rhodes College Shields
1/26/24 Functional morphology of cranial ornaments in extinct dinosaurs and the world's most dangerous living birds Dr. Todd Green NYIT-Jonesboro Boves
2/2/24 Stressor-induced physiological change in reptiles in the Anthropocene Dr. David-Lee Haskins US Geological Survey Neuman-Lee
2/16/24 The Early Cretaceous Ornithomimosaur Record in North America ReBecca Hunt-Foster National Park Serivce Sweet and Darwin Day Committee
2/23/24 Co-introductions of consequence: decline of native mason bee species following the arrival of non-native congeners and their fungal associates Dr. Kate LeCroy Cornell University/Rhodes College Alix Matthews
3/1/24 Linking mussel habitat conditions to restoration outcomes and ecosystem services Jeff Steevens US Geological Survey Bouldin
3/29/24 Pathogen dynamics in white-tailed deer Dr. Erick Gagne University of Pennsylvania PennVet Gustafson
4/5/24 Individual-based ecology for understanding faunal responses to the Anthropocene: eco-physiology, life history, and movement Dr. Scott Yanco University of Michigan Boves
4/19/24 Pathogenesis of leishmaniasis Dr. Tiffany Weinkopff UAMS Neuman-Lee
4/26/24 EVS/MBS Distinguished Alumni Series: Determining limiting factors for the Eastern Whip-poor-will, a declining insectivorous bird. - (EVS/MBS Alumni Seminar Series) Dr. Thomas Benson Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign EVS - Medina-Bolivar