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Biology Seminar Series


Arkansas State University Biology Seminar Series Spring 2022. Fridays 12:00-1:00 PM (please see schedule below for time modifications) in ABI 107 (or over Zoom if indicated by *). Contact Than Boves with questions tboves@astate.edu
Date Seminar Title Speaker Institution Host Link
2/11/22* What does a detection mean? Spatial and behavioral context improves the use of passive acoustic monitoring for a wide-ranging, nocturnal bird* Dr. Elly Knight Smithsonian National Zoo Dunnahoo/Boves https://astatecall.zoom.us/j/93117759800
2/18/22* Evolution of cricket and songbird defenses following acquisition of novel parasites Dr. Susan Balenger University of Mississippi Rolland https://astatecall.zoom.us/j/93117759800
3/11/22 Disrupting androgen receptor functionality with phytochemicals Dr. Jeremy Johnson University of Illinois at Chicago Medina-Bolivar
3/18/22* Understanding and addressing the Threat of Poisoning to African Vultures in Southern Tanzania* Dr. Corinne Kendall North Carolina Zoo Hartzheim/Neuman-Lee https://astatecall.zoom.us/j/93117759800
4/8/22 Using mountains and mechanistic models, mostly with ants, to understand biodiversity on a changing planet Dr. Nathan Sanders University of Michigan Worm/Boves
4/15/22* Plant disease diagnostics: taking it to the next level* Dr. Emran Ali University of New Hampshire Wijeratne https://astatecall.zoom.us/j/93117759800
4/29/22 @ 3:30PM Introgression dynamics in bird feather lice Dr. Jorge Doña University of Illinois Sweet
5/6/22 Animal social networks: from individuals to collectives Dr. Anne Devan-Song Lori Neuman-Lee