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Faculty Appreciation Luncheon for Student Mentoring

Each semester graduating students are sent an exit survey.  Among the questions asked are (1) Who was your faculty mentor?, and (2) Is there a faculty member you would recommend students get to know?   The data was compiled from students graduating in Spring 2015 through Fall 2017 and the following faculty were recognized for their achievement and contributions to student success.  Dr. Anne Grippo, Interim Dean and Professor of Biology and Dr. Lynita Cooksey, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research and Associate Professor of Environmental Entomology, recognized these faculty on March 9, 2018 with a luncheon in their honor.

Dr. Diane Gilmore, Instructor in Biology
Dr. Ron Johnson, Professor of Zoology
Dr. Maureen Dolan, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
Dr. Allyn Ontko, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Bill Burns, Chair of Chemistry and Physics and Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Hung-Su Chi, Chair of Computer Science and Associate Professor of Computer Science
Mr. Jake Qualls, Instructor of Computer Science
Dr. Lisa Rice, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Amanda Lambertus, Chair of Mathematics and Statistics and Associate Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Tom Risch, Chair of Biological Sciences and Professor of Animal Ecology
Dr. Bruce Johnson, Professor of Physics (unable to attend)
Dr. Jeff Jenness, Associate Professor of Computer Science (unable to attend)