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Ecotoxicology Research Facility

The Ecotoxicology Research Facility was established within the Arkansas State University's Beck College of Science & Mathematics and is associated with the Environmental Sciences Program to offer multidimensional graduate and undergraduate research. Interdisciplinary projects are highly encouraged between researchers from departments of Biological Sciences, Agriculture, Chemistry & Physics, Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics, Sociology, Policy, and Economics.

Diverse Service Offerings

Services incorporated into the Facility include biomonitoring of effluents in support of discharge requirements in National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits. The laboratory has maintained annual certification through the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since 1996. The facility performs chronic and acute Whole Effluent Testing for municipalities and industries and results are provided with report formatting for all Discharge Monitoring Reports. Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and internal reviews are incorporated within our research as a component of Good Laboratory Practice at our facility.

Ecotoxicological research within the Environmental Sciences Program has to date been conducted with investigators specializing in various areas. To view research areas click here.

Mission Statement

Arkansas State University Ecotoxicology Research Facility (ERF) is a multi-user laboratory facilitating intercollegiate research and collaboration with other universities, state and federal agencies, industries, and various interest groups. The ERF utilizes standard US EPA test protocols and develops innovative techniques to measure environmental parameters and investigate ecosystem function. As a US EPA certified laboratory we specialize in laboratory and in situ biomonitoring to measure fate and effects of known and emerging contaminants for use in environmental forecasting. Ongoing Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Good Laboratory Practice within the ERF result in scientifically sound research for use in environmental management decisions.

The ERF is located on the A-State Campus. Our Northeast Arkansas community is home to diverse industries including agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, service and retail. Jonesboro is a progressive community supporting and interacting with the University through its public services and interest groups.