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Title: Adventures With Lifshitz Black Holes

Speaker: Dr. Maria Juarez (ASU - Querétaro)

When: Wednesday, April 6th 2022

Where: Zoom Online Talk

Abstract: “Black holes whose asymptotic behavior exhibits Lifshitz symmetries are of particular interest in gauge/gravity correspondence. However, these types of black holes cannot be found as exact solutions to General Relativity. As such, one way to obtain them is to consider quadratic corrections in the curvature or to consider matter contributions. In any case, finding these exact solutions implies solving the equations of motion which end up being systems of higher order differential equations. In this talk, we will provide examples on how to find these types of exact black hole solutions including the construction of a partial uniqueness theorem.”


Title: A Day in the Life of a NASA Engineer

Speaker: Dr. Laura White

When: Wednesday, March 9th 2022

Where: Zoom Online Talk

Biography of the Speaker: “Laura White is an Aerospace Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center. She received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Arkansas State University in 2013. In 2018, she received her doctorate in mathematics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Upon completion of her doctoral program, she entered the government workforce at NASA Langley Research center where she applies knowledge from both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She currently works on statistical applications of quantifying uncertainties that exist within the governing mathematical equations of fluid flow around aerospace vehicles. She spends her days trying to answer the question: "Given the assumptions we make to describe this aerodynamic flow; how do we quantify the discrepancy between reality and the mathematical model?". Other areas of interest are in-space robotic assembly and surrogate modeling for database management. She is also passionate about women equality in the workforce and currently serves as the lead of the women's employee resource group at Langley.”


Title: Subsequence Ergodic Theorems

Speaker: Dr. M‎‎áté Wierdl of the University of Memphis

When: Wednesday, Feb. 16th 2022

Where: Computer Science and Math Building Room 209

Abstract from the Speaker: “The ergodic theorem is at the heart of statistical mechanics, and it was proved by Von Neumann and Birkhoff in the 1930s.  In the talk, I informally explain the theorem's content, its relationship to the uniform distribution on the unit interval, and what improvements it may need to be applicable in real life.  This will bring us to recent work done on subsequence ergodic theorems, a very active field of research with wide applicability in mathematics and probably elsewhere.”