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Description of Service

The College of Liberal Arts and Communication (CLAC) Student Resource Center is designed to assist majors within the college with their timely and rewarding college completion. The primary role of the Student Resource Center is to provide a one-stop location to address student questions or concerns as well as to help students augment their college experience with experiential involvement. These co-curricular experiences such as community service, study abroad, and internships, allow students to build important leadership skills, network with employers, and gain employable experience before graduation.

The center is also home to the newly formed CLAC Student Ambassadors. Ambassadors provide a welcoming environment for their peers, support involvement for students, and serve as a sounding board for the college dean. The Student Resource Center is also an ideal location for faculty and alumni to get involved through student mentorship, internships, or student projects. Students, faculty, and community members are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Jill Simons, Associate Dean.