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The Education Renewal Zone, created by legislation in 2005, is a broad-based P-20 Initiative assigned the task of concentrating and coordinating available resources to improve school performance and student achievement. The ERZ, serving as a bridge between P-12 schools and Higher Education, strives to positively impact both present and future educators. Currently, there are six ERZ Offices in Arkansas located at four-year universities with teacher education programs (Arkansas State University, Henderson State University, Southern Arkansas University, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, and University of Arkansas at Monticello). However, these six ERZs provide statewide support for all public schools, education cooperatives, and higher education institutions in Arkansas.

Since April 2020, the directors have met weekly to develop ongoing support and resources for all state initiatives, which include the High Reliability School model and processes, the Professional Learning Communities at Work model and processes, Highly Effective Schools accreditation, High Reliability Teachers certification, and other school improvement strategies.  


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The Office of Education Renewal Zones will be offering ongoing professional development workshops to support Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) at Work, High Reliability Schools, Highly Effective Schools, and school improvement.  All workshops are listed on the esc Works Website.

You can also find a link to each of our workshops via this Google Calendar. 


The Education Renewal Zone (ERZ) is a broad-based P-20 initiative assigned the task of concentrating and coordinating available resources to improve school performance and student achievement. Working in partnership with a College of Education, the primary focus is to build the capacity of schools in providing a competent organizational structure, a quality-learning environment, and effective research-based instruction for all students.

The Arkansas State University ERZ has been able to serve its K-12 partner schools by providing an opportunity for collaboration among institutions of higher education, education service cooperatives, public schools, local businesses, parents, and community members all focused on school improvement and systemic educational reform.

 2021-2022 ERZ Goals

*Support the implementation of student-focused education for all public school students.

*Identify and implement education and management strategies designed specifically to improve public school performance and student academic achievement throughout the ERZ region, with special focus on the most academically distressed public schools. 

*Provide opportunity for collaboration among the ERZ region’s smaller schools and districts in order to achieve some of the advantages of economies of scale in providing educational and related activities. 

*Maximize benefits and outcomes of public schooling by concentrating and coordinating the resources of ERZs’ higher education institutions, the expertise of the ADE, and the technical assistance of other service providers to improve public school performance and student academic achievement. 

*Identify and support innovation in identified areas of need throughout the region.


ERZ Performance Objectives

*The Education Renewal Zone will support the capacity of educators statewide to impact effective teaching in every classroom through Professional Learning Community and High Reliability School practices and processes.

*The Education Renewal Zone will support schools in using the High Reliability Schools Framework to incorporate the evidenced based practices to impact teaching and learning.

*The Education Renewal Zone will support Institutions of Higher Education as they prepare teacher candidates who are able to be active participants in a collaborative culture of a Professional Learning Community.

*The Education Renewal Zone will provide professional development to support administrators and teachers in the pursuit of excellence through continuous improvement and learning.

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