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A-State ERZ Hosts Webinar Series on Standards Based Learning 

Jan K. Hoegh is an author and associate for Marzano Resources and Solution Tree. She has been a classroom teacher, building-level leader, professional development specialist, assistant high school principal, and curriculum coordinator during her 30-plus years in education. Prior to joining Marzano Resources, Jan was assistant director of statewide assessment for the Nebraska Department of Education. Jan has served on a variety of statewide and national standards and assessment committees and has presented at numerous conferences around the world.

When teachers adopt standards-based learning, students take ownership of their learning and achievement soars!

Come join a webinar series based on a book written specifically for K-12 teachers, A Teacher's Guide to Standards-Based Learning. This resource details a sequential approach for connecting curriculum, instruction, assessment methods, and feedback through standards-based education. Jan K. Hoegh, an author of the book and facilitator of each session, promises to provide practical advice, real-world examples, and answers to frequently asked questions about this relevant topic.

Webinar #1 (9/03/2020) - Identifying Priority Standards and Developing Proficiency Scales- 

Webinar #2 (11/3/2020) - Using Proficiency Scales to Plan Instruction  https://www.escweb.net/ar_ade/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=419534

Webinar #3 (1/20/2021) - Using Proficiency Scales to Set Goals and Track Progress  https://www.escweb.net/ar_ade/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=419535

Webinar #4 (3/9/2021) - Administering Quality Classroom Assessments and Figuring Grades  https://www.escweb.net/ar_ade/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=419538

Webinar #5 (4/29/2021) - Using Proficiency Scales With Exceptional Learners   https://www.escweb.net/ar_ade/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=419539

Webinar #6 (5/13/2021)- Communicating Grades to Students and Parents​  https://www.escweb.net/ar_ade/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=419542

A-State ERZ Hosts Webinar Series On Powerful Task Design

John Antonetti

John Antonetti has taught A.P Chemistry and Kindergarten and most grades in between in his home state of Arkansas. Once described by Larry Lezotte as a “teacher’s teacher,” Mr. Antonetti works with schools across the country and Canada on student engagement, writing, rigor and relevance, and high–yield best practices. While hands-on work in schools is his passion, John is also a highly–sought keynote speaker. His humor and parables are recognized by teachers, administrators, and parents as relevant examples of the power of teachers.

Do we teach content and rules or powerful tools? Do we want our students to accept content meaning or make meaning?

The answer is D) all of the above.  But finding the best balance between the two types of tasks is difficult and most of us were not taught to build task of rigor and high engagement.

 Webinar #1 (September 10) - Participants will learn to use The Powerful Task Rubric for Designing Student Work   https://www.escweb.net/ar_ade/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=420255

 Webinar #2  (November 5)  - Participants will continue the work to "power-up" tasks through visible thinking, and meaningful redesign.  https://www.escweb.net/ar_ade/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=420257


The Education Renewal Zone (ERZ) is a broad-based P-20 initiative assigned the task of concentrating and coordinating available resources to improve school performance and student achievement. Working in partnership with a College of Education, the primary focus is to build the capacity of schools in providing a competent organizational structure, a quality-learning environment, and effective research-based instruction for all students.

The Arkansas State University ERZ has been able to serve its K-12 partner schools by providing an opportunity for collaboration among institutions of higher education, education service cooperatives, public schools, local businesses, parents, and community members all focused on school improvement and systemic educational reform.

2020-2021 ERZ Goals

  • •Support the implementation of student-focused education for all public school students:
  • •Identify and implement education and management strategies designed specifically to improve public school performance and student academic achievement throughout the ERZ region, with special focus on the most academically distressed public schools;
  • •Provide opportunity for collaboration among the ERZ region’s smaller schools and districts in order to achieve some of the advantages of economies of scale in providing educational and related activities:
  • •Maximize benefits and outcomes of public schooling by concentrating and coordinating the resources of ERZs’ higher education institutions, the expertise of the ADE, and the technical assistance of other service providers to improve public school performance and student academic achievement; and
  • •Identify and support innovation in identified areas of need throughout the region.​

2020-2021 Focus Areas

High Reliability Teacher (HRT) Certification

Highly Effective Schools Accreditation

Professional Learning Communities

High Reliability Schools

Social Emotional Support Programs

Ready2Teach Summit

New Teacher Network Support System

Praxis Support

STEM Initiatives

Response to Intervention

Collaborative Partnerships

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