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2017 Jonesboro High School Teacher Cadets

Teacher Cadet

Arkansas State University Education Renewal Zone - “The Crosswalk between Elementary, Secondary and Higher Education”

Where Arkansas State University, the Education Service Cooperatives of Northeast Arkansas, as well as the partner schools, their students, parents, and communities are working together to provide and implement customized strategies, effective tools, and authentic partnerships to improve overall public school performance and student academic achievement.


  • Support the implementation of student-focused education for all public school students
  • Identify and implement education and management strategies designed specifically to improve public school performance and student academic achievement throughout the ERZ region, with special focus on the most academically distressed public schools.
  • Provide opportunity for collaboration among the ERZ region's smaller schools and districts in order to achieve some of the advantages of economies of scale in providing educational and related activities.
  • Maximize benefits and outcomes of public schooling by concentrating and coordinating the resources of ERZs' higher education institutions, the expertise of the performance and student academic achievement.
  • Identify and support innovation in identified areas of need throughout the region.

Programs/Projects - 2017-2018

Collaborative Partnerships
Student Voice Institute
Teacher Cadet Summit
Unstoppable Learning Conference
Cognitive Coaching Training
Praxis Support
STEM Initiatives
Teacher Cadet Program

Student Voice Institute

Student Voice Institute

Unstoppable Learning for Elementary Conference with Nanci Smith, Solution Tree.

Unstoppable Learning


To collaborate with Pre K-16 educators, students, families, and their supporting communities in order to combine efforts to improve student achievement and learning experiences for all students.

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