Welcome to Arkansas State University!

A student getting help from a mentor

The H.O.W.L. Transition Program provides the A-State experience to students. The H.O.W.L. Transition Program also provides the following services.


The H.O.W.L. Transition Program may provide mentoring for academic success in the classroom, in daily life, or independent skills. The student may have more than one mentor because of interests or desired level of supports. In addition, the prospective student may have a staff/faculty mentor they meet with on a weekly basis.


Each student will have access to trained professionals for social, emotional and behavioral goals he or she seeks to achieve. These services are provided in a private but comprehensive manner that may be planned, or impromptu.


A-State Career Services Center and the H.O.W.L. Transition Program are partnering to achieve each student’s career aspirations during his or her internship. The students may have supported internships to assist in achieving employment in their desired field. The students will compile a portfolio of work, videos and resumé-building skills. In addition, our mentors and graduate students will help bridge the skills needed for students’ success.


Our mentors will aid the H.O.W.L. students with the transition from home to A-State by enhancing the tools needed to be independent, such as finances, budgeting and daily living skills.