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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) will be determined using a person-centered planning approach. For ASD students who are enrolled in their degree coursework for credit, satisfactory progress will be determined by satisfactory grade point average (GPA), as required for all students of a 2.0 GPA, plus satisfactory performance in work internships (with a rating of at least “Expected Progress” on their internship goals). For students who are enrolled in their classes on an audit basis, the goals will be determined and agreed upon for each student through the collaboration of the student, the student’s professors, and the campus coordinator staff. A rubric will be used to identify and quantify the student’s goals and progress for each course.

Certificate of Achievement

To obtain a H.O.W.L. Certificate of Achievement, a student must complete the following minimum requirements.

  1. 48 Hours of Coursework – either taken for credit or audited. If courses are audited, modified assignments tied to both course content and specific career and or life goals must be included. Course of study (48-hour program) will be individually determined in relation to student goals. For students who are auditing, satisfactory academic progress will be measured by performance on individually modified assignments. HOWL professional staff will work in collaboration with course instructors to modify course assignments, so as not to create additional responsibilities for faculty.
  2. Minimum of two supervised internships related to career goal. Internships can be paid or non-paid.
  3. Student portfolio of accomplishments is required for completion of HOWL. Portfolio will include examples of assignments or projects for courses taken for credit; modified course assignments or projects for audited classes; examples of skills obtained through internships; and may also include examples of leadership or service learning activities on campus or in the community, extra-curricular involvement, etc.