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Procedure Manual


Preface 00-01
Mission 00-02


Administrative Organization Flow Charts - Arkansas State University
Administrative Organization Flow Chart - College of Education and Behavioral Science
Administrative Procedures 01-03
Administrative Council 01-04
Administrative Job Descriptions – Dean 01-05
Administrative Job Descriptions – Associate Dean 01-06
Administrative Job Descriptions – Director of the Center for Excellence in Education 01-07
Administrative Job Descriptions – Director of Professional Education Programs 01-08
Administrative Job Descriptions – Department Chairs 01-09


Promotion, Retention, and Tenure Criteria 02-01
Policy on Personnel Files 02-02
Pre-Tenure Faculty Review Policy 02-04
University Promotion, Retention, and Tenure Documents
College of Education and Behavioral Science Productivity Report Template
College of Education and Behavioral Science Vita Template
College of Education and Behavioral Science Syllabus Template

Committee Structure and Representative

Undergraduate Appeals Committee 03-01
Curriculum Committee 03-02
College Grievance Committee (Faculty) 03-03
Faculty Awards Committee 03-04
Graduate Council Representation 03-05
Student Grievance Pool 03-06
Honors Committee 03-07
Student Research Travel Support Committee 03-08
General Education Committee 03-09
Promotion, Retention, and Tenure Committee 03-10
Diversity Committee 03-11
Technology Committee Representative 03-12


Acronym List
Brief Historical Outline
Dean and Administrative Heads: A Chronological Outline
Productivity Report Template


Faculty Handbook
Student Handbook