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Sue Anselm

Dr. Sue Anselm

Instructor of Teacher Education

Coordinator for the ASU Mountain Home Campus

Phone: 870-508-6178

Office: McClain, 106 in Mt. Home

Mahauganee Bonds

Dr. Mahauganee Bonds

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

Doctoral Program

Phone: 870-680-8284
Jeonghee Choi

Dr. Jeonghee Choi

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 972-2001

Office: Education, 378

Nicole Covey

Dr. Nicole Covey

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Department Chair of Teacher Education

Phone: 870-972-3767

Office: EdComm, 338A

Ibrahim Duyar

Dr. Ibrahim Duyar

Professor of Educational Leadership

Phone: 870-972-2651

Office: Education and Leadership Studies, 210

Sharla M. Felkins

Ms. Sharla M. Felkins


Phone: (870) 508-6270

Office: McClain, #106 in Mt. Home

Tonja M. Fillippino

Dr. Tonja M. Fillippino

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Coordinator for the ASU Beebe Campus

Phone: (501) 882-4446 Jonesboro Extension-4446

Office: ASU Beebe Office University Center, 131

Minghui Gao

Dr. Minghui Gao

Professor of Secondary Education

Phone: (870) 680-8096

Office: Education, 372

Beverly Boals Gilbert

Dr. Beverly Boals Gilbert

Professor of Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8358

Office: Education, 377

Karen Kleppe Graham

Dr. Karen Kleppe Graham

Assistant Professor

Phone: 870-680-8440

Office: Education, 368

Joanna Grymes

Dr. Joanna Grymes

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8430

Office: Education, 336

Allen Hays

Mr. Allen Hays


Phone: 870-680-8016

Office: Education, 343

Annette Hux

Dr. Annette Hux

Chair, Dept. of Educational Leadership, Curriculum, & Special Education

Associate Professor

Phone: (870) 972-3062

Office: Education and Leadership Studies, 203

Michele Gatlin Johnson

Ms. Michele Gatlin Johnson

Instructor, Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 972-3963

Office: Education, 341

Natalie Johnson-Leslie

Dr. Natalie Johnson-Leslie

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 972-3947

Office: Education, 346

Anna Kausler

Ms. Anna Kausler

Instructor of Teacher Education, ASU Mid-South Campus

Phone: 870-733-6035

Office: West Memphis campus

Ryan Kelly

Dr. Ryan Kelly

Professor of Reading

Phone: 870-680-8445

Office: Education, 374

Dixie Keyes

Dr. Dixie Keyes

Professor of Middle Level Education

Director of Arkansas Delta Writing Project

Phone: 870-680-8065

Office: Education, 369

Bronwyn MacFarlane

Dr. Bronwyn MacFarlane

Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership

Phone: 870-680-8287
Danita Martin

Ms. Danita Martin


Fiscal Support Analyst

Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Special Education

Phone: 870-972-3062

Office: Education & Leadership Studies, 204

Jackie McBride

Dr. Jackie McBride


Phone: (870) 972-2452

Office: Education and Leadership Studies, 227

Mark McJunkin

Dr. Mark McJunkin

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8037

Office: Education, 335

Zelda McMurtry

Dr. Zelda McMurtry

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education, ASU Beebe Campus

Phone: 501-882-4414

Office: Beebe Campus

Karen Melton

Mrs. Karen Melton


Data Assessment Coordinator

Phone: 870-972-2099

Office: Education, 213 D

Tiffany N. Mosley

Ms. Tiffany N. Mosley


Associate Director of Licensure

Innovative Technology Coordinator

Phone: (870) 972-2099

Office: Education/Communication, 213

Aliyah Rowe

Aliyah Rowe

Administrative Specialist III

Phone: 870-972-3366

Office: Education, 338

Ronald Towery

Dr. Ronald Towery

Professor of Elementary Education

Phone: (870) 680-8097

Office: Education, 375

Diana Williams

Dr. Diana Williams

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Phone: (870) 680-8066

Office: Education, 348

Russell Young

Dr. Russell Young


Director, Rural STEM Education Center

Phone: 870-680-8100

Office: Ed/Comm, 371