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Please review the below information regarding social work field experience:


The field courses provide students with opportunities for supervised, hands-on experience with client systems ranging in size from individuals to communities. These clients should include persons who differ from the student in as many ways as possible but must include those who differ by gender and race/ethnicity. Other diverse groups include those who differ by age, sexual orientation, religious orientation, physical or mental abilities, and socioeconomic status. Learning experiences build from Field I to Field II leading the student to independent practice.

Prerequisites for Field Work

Prior to entering the field, students are required to complete:
  • SW 2203 Introduction to social work
  • SW 3253 Social Work Practice I
  • SW 3303 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
  • SW 3303 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
  • SOC3383 Social Statistics
  • SOC3381 Social Statistics Lab
  • SOC4293 Methods of Social Research

Students may take SOC3383, SOC3381 & SOC4293 during field I & II.

While enrolled in Field I (Fall), students generally take:
  • SW 4263 Social Work, Practice II
  • SW 4313 Social Welfare Policy
  • SW 3363 Cultural Diversity
While enrolled in Field II (Spring), students generally take:
  • SW 4303 Social Work Practice III
  • SW 4283 Field Experience Seminar C

Student Eligibility

To enter the field, students must meet several criteria.

  1. The student must be admitted to the social work program, be in their senior year with a minimum G.P.A of 2.75 overall.
  2. The student must have completed: Introduction to Social Work, Human Behavior in the Social Environment I and II, and Practice I. 11
  3. The student must have a plan for graduating, at least by the end of the Fall semester of the year Field II is completed, signed by his/her advisor.

Field Program Documents

Revised Process Recording Form 2018

SW Intern Time Sheet Record

BSW Field Manual

MSW Field Manual

MSW Advanced Learning Agreement and Final Evaluation

BSW and Foundation Learning Agreement and Final Evaluation

2020/21 Field Applications

2020 Fall BSW Field Applications

2020 Fall MSW Field Application

BSW Field Applicants,

Due to the extenuating circumstances in our area at this time, we have two changes regarding instructions for the field application:

  1. Students will not obtain TB testing until further notice. This requirement has been lifted from our college at this time   
  2. Do not hand deliver your field application packet.  You can email your application and other required items to Julian McCormick at jumccormick@astate.edu or send it through the regular mail to:

Arkansas State University 

Dept. of Social Work

PO Box 2460

State University - Jonesboro, AR 72467

Please do not worry about the need to specify an agency as you only need to rate the areas of interest.  Donna Parker will call and/or email each and everyone of you before a field placement is made. Remember Donna will have to work on MSW placements first, so it may be late summer before you hear from her.  Donna does not have a list of available agencies that she can send you as this changes every semester.  We also don't know how the COVID -19 situation is going to affect the availability, but I can promise something will be worked out for each of you.  Donna is 100% dedicated to helping you have the best internship possible. 

Please note that your application should be turned in between 5/1/20 – 5/15/20.  However, we understand that some of you may need additional time due to the stressors that have been put upon our community.  Please remember to turn in proof of professional liability insurance, photo, unofficial transcript and resume.