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Hippotherapy Center

Hippotherapy is a physical therapy treatment strategy used at Arkansas State University that utilizes equine movement as part of an integrated intervention program to achieve functional outcomes. All hippotherapy sessions occur on the campus of Arkansas State University at the Equine Center. Students who are currently in the Physical Therapy or Physical Therapist Assistant programs have the opportunity to interact and participate in actual hippotherapy sessions on patients currently involved in research endeavors with trained faculty members. For more information, contact Farley Schweighart.

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Student in therapy positionsSchroth Based Physical Therapy

Schroth based physical therapy is an intervention that utilizes a three-dimensional approach to the treatment of scoliosis according to the principles from Katharina Schroth and Christa LehnertSchroth. The therapy treatment involves cognitive, sensory-motor and kinesthetic training to teach the patient to improve his/her scoliosis posture in assumption that scoliosis posture promotes curve progression. Interested students can contact Dr. Shawn Drake for more information.

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