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File a Complaint - Physical Therapy

Arkansas State University, the College of Nursing & Health Professions, and the Department of Physical Therapy have specific processes in place for the handling of grievances.  These processes (or portions thereof), and the situations in which they apply, are detailed in the A-State Student Handbook,  and the A-State Faculty Handbook.

Formal Complaints

Formal complaints from a member of the university community shall be handled by these procedures where applicable. For formal complaints that are not addressed by the policies listed in the documents above, the following processes shall be used:

  1. The person(s) lodging a formal complaint will be asked to submit the complaint in writing to the Department Chair.
  2. The Department Chair [or appointed representative(s)] will investigate, collect information, propose solutions, and notify the appropriate parties of the findings and the course of action taken.
  3. Complaints lodged against the Department of Physical Therapy involving litigation or potential litigation will be referred to the Dean of the CNHP.

Informal or Minor Complaints

The faculty realizes that from time to time complaints may arise that are not formal grievances or to which the above-mentioned procedures do not apply. Examples of such situations include things like informal complaints about a student, staff member or faculty member or complaints from outside the university community (e.g., prospective students, clinical instructors, hospital personnel, patients, employers of graduates, health care institutions, etc.) concerning a person or persons associated with the Department of Physical Therapy. These will also be handled in a process that seeks to produce resolutions which are equitable for all involved, maintain the academic integrity of the program, and result in improved relations and operations relative to the program. Informal complaints will be filed in the Department Chair’s office.

Complaints from Outside of the University Community

All other persons who have a complaint regarding department or personnel are referred to the Department Chair who will develop a plan to address the complaint. Should this process not resolve the complaint, the issue will be referred to the Dean for resolution.                                                                     [ Dr. Scott Gordon (Dean) - Email: sgordon@astate.edu, Phone: (870) 972-3112 ]


Last Updated: 7/6/2022

Retaliation toward any person lodging a complaint is prohibited.
To file a complaint contact Stacey Sloas (ssloas@astate.edu).