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The Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health program will provide an education to students wishing to become occupational safety or environmental health practitioners in such industries as manufacturing, utilities, construction, chemical plants, hospitals, and the fields of oil and gas.  Students will have the necessary background to develop and lead occupational and environmental safety and health programs and aid organizations in maintaining compliance with applicable environmental, health, and industry safety regulations.  Some of the career paths open with this major are occupational safety specialists, industrial hygienists, water quality specialists, food quality inspectors, and environmental health specialists.

The curriculum will encompass basic areas of study including chemistry, biology, and statistics followed by 61 hours of specialized coursework in occupational safety and environmental health topics. 

All students must meet admission requirements to Arkansas State and must meet the undergraduate graduation requirements in order to receive the degree.  Students interested in the program should contact their advisor and the OESH Program Director early in their college career.