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Scholarship Recipients Announced:

    Sternheimer Scholarship

    2023 Kelcie Wehrum

    2022 Taylor Kifer

    2021 Olivia Metzgar


    George Herndon Scholarship

    2023 Zoe McCurley

    2022 Jill Hodge

    2021 Addison Emberson


    Jane LeBlanc Scholarship

    2023 Mollie Breckenridge

    2022 Kearsten Freeman

    2021 Alex Grissom


    Neeley Family Scholarship

    2023 Mollie Grace Williams

    2022 Katie Beth Pankey


    Student Research Presentations:

      Graduate Student Research

      2022 Graduate Theses:

      • Rock Steady Boxing: Addressing voice disorder in individuals with Parkinson’s disease

                  Student:  Andria Mullins

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Shanon Brantley


      • Racial and ethnic disparities in speech-language pathology services

                  Student: Hope Lemmons

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Amy Shollenbarger


      • Assessing generalization within the Barton Reading and Spelling System

                  Student: Abby Antici

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Christina Akbari


      2021 Graduate Theses:

      • Do speech-language pathology graduate students practice daily vocal hygiene regiments?

      Student: Jennifer Giddings

      Thesis Advisor: Dr. Amy Shollenbarger


      • Pragmatic abilities in adolescents and young adults with hearing loss

                  Student: Addison Emberson

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Lindsay White


      • Acute neurogenic stuttering as a symptom of concussion in collegiate athletes

                  Student: Kayleigh Henneman

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Amy Shollenbarger


      • The effect of voice demand on the perception of voice in collegiate athletic coaches

                  Student: Olivia Metzgar

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Christina Akbari


      • Teachers’ knowledge/use of morphological awareness instruction in the classroom

                  Student: Alexa Grissom

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Joy Good


      • SLP students and counseling in communication disorders

                  Student: Ashley Camp

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Christina Akbari


      2020 Graduate Theses:


      • Speech-language pathologist confidence in dysphagia management

                  Student: Fiona Fuller

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Shanon Brantley


      • The speech-language pathologists’ understanding of and interaction with the functional health literacy of parents with infants in the NICU

                  Student: Emily  Gardner

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Joy Good


      • Salivary cortisol levels of children with reading difficulties

                  Student: Alexandria Jarrett

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Amy Shollenbarger

      • Speech-language pathologists’ knowledge and implementation of thyroid hormone diseases and allergies on voice

                  Student: Kirsten Combs

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Amy Shollenbarger


      • Survey of current therapy methods for treatment of reading fluency and comprehension

                  Student: Brooke Darnell

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Christina Akbari


      • The acoustical characteristics of an individual with adductor spasmodic dysphonia receive Botox injections

                  Student: Hope Higginbothom

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Christina Akbari


      • Therapy approaches for Broca’s aphasia: Consultative vs. clinician directed

                  Student: Stacey Mott       

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Shanon Brantley


      • Facilitators and barriers to the use of AAC by practicing SLPs

                  Student: John Chunn

                  Thesis Advisor: Dr. Christina Akbari



        Undergraduate Research:


        2023 :

        • Communication disorders graduate students’ skills in thickening liquids

                    Student: Keelin Fullen

                    Honors Thesis Advisor: Dr. Shanon Brantley


        • A phonological and acoustical analysis of English and Mandarin Chinese through art song

                     Student: Taylor Watkins

                     Honors Thesis Advisor: Dr. Amy Shollenbarger


        • Apple iWatch noise meter accuracy: Can we make "Sound" judgements on the noise alerts?

                    Students: Christina Burnette, Grace Carter, Blair Casey

                    Faculty advisor: Dr. Lindsay White

        Convocation of Scholars 2023

        The annual Convocation of Scholars 2023 Honorees for the department include:

        CD Undergraduate Program Scholars

        Audra Grace Carter, Emily Cooper, Cameron Hafner, Mary Mac Harkins, Savannah Hicks, Maggie Beth Horn, Braidyn Milner, Anna Reed, Katherine Reinholtz, Madison Taylor, Makenzie Thomas, Halle Willard

        4.0 Scholars: Keelin Fullen, Carly Strong, Hannah Taylor, Madison Triplett

        Outstanding CD Undergraduate


        Outstanding CD Graduate Student


        2022 Academic Scholars

        CD Undergraduate Program Scholars (3.8 GPA or higher):

        Baleigh Boling, McKinley Carr, Alexa Chiolino, Ashtyn Clifton, Bailey Gladish, Katherine Kuykendall, Hope Lange, Chelsea Tipton, Bo Triplett,  Tamra Washington, Makayla Whiting, Molly Grace Williams

        4.0 Scholars: Sydney McCord, Hannah Stone, Grace Mitchell Wood

        Outstanding Undergraduate Student – Hope Lange

        Outstanding Graduate Student – Abby Antici

        2021 Academic  Scholars

        CD Undergraduate Program Scholars (3.8 GPA or higher):

        Kallie Alexander, Abby Antici, Savannah Cooper, Bailey Gellis, Jenna Hodges, Paige McCord, Katie Beth Pankey, Lacy Schultz, Avery Uthoff

        4.0 Scholars: Calista Farinelli, Alexis May, Kayla Turner

        Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Abby Antici

        Outstanding Graduate Student: Addison Emberson

        2019 Academic Scholars

        CD Undergraduate Program Scholars (3.8 GPA or higher):

        Abby Clay, Kendra Pendergrass, Brittany Gosha, Kennady Kremers, Stacey Mott, Hannah Rae Vaden, Rachel Hinson, Emily Foster, Alexis Knapp, Brooke Darnell, Molly Ginn, John Chunn

        4.0 Scholars: Kailey Whitson Thompson

        Outstanding Undergraduate Student:  John Chunn

        Outstanding Graduate Student: Tassie Murphree

        Clinical Practicum

        Clinical practicum in the Department of Communication Disorders includes required observation of clinical service provision and active service provision to clients of the ASU Speech and Hearing Center as well as clinical sites off-campus.

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        Background Check

        Background checks are required for students admitted to professional programs if the screening is required by an affiliate requirement.

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        The National Student Speech Language Hearing Association was created in 1972 to meet student's desires to have a closer affiliation with professionals in the field of Communication Disorders.

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        In addition to university scholarships, students majoring in Communication Disorders have college & department specific scholarships available.

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