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Clinical practicum in the Department of Communication Disorders includes observation of clinical service provision and active service provision to clients of the ASU Speech and Hearing Center (ASU SHC) as well as clinical sites off-campus.

Observation is required for the courses of Introduction to Communication Disorders and Service Delivery in Communication Disorders.

The first active clinical rotation for undergraduates is typically the final semester of the senior year.
Clinical practice begins in the first fall semester of graduate enrollment for graduate level students.

Arkansas State University Speech and Hearing Center

Spring 2023

Dates to Remember

May             31      Classes begin

                    31      Clinic meeting

 June            5-6     Meetings with Caregivers/Supervisors

                     5       First day of clinic ASUSHC Clients arrive

                     9       ASUSHC client paperwork due to Mrs. Mary

                     9       Paperwork due to Mrs. Mary 

                                       Emergency Medical Status Form(ASU clinicians)

                                       Proof of TB, CPR, and Liability Insurance(updates for Clinic I and III-all clinicians)                                                                                       Copy of transportation form to Mrs. Mary                            

                   16       First draft of treatment plan due to supervisors

                   29       Daily and Monthly Clinical Clock Hour Record due to Mrs. Mary

                   29       Last day of Session I

                   30       Final Exams

July               3       First day of 2nd session classes

                     4       Clinic closed        

                    19       First draft of treatment summaries due to supervisors

                    26        Self reflection papers due to supervisors-all students 

July 31-Aug 1          Last day of clinic boot campers        

                     3          Last day of regular ASUSHC clients

                   7-9         Final supervisory conferences

                     8          Clinic clean-up

                     9           Last day of session II classes

                    10          Final exam

Equitable Provision of Clinical Services

A-State is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution and, thereby, complies with all applicable federal and state legislation regarding employment practices and admission/treatment of students without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability, gender, national origin, participation restriction, sexual orientation, veteran status, or status as a parent. As a single point-of-service entity within Arkansas State University, the A-State Speech and Hearing Center complies with all state and federal equal opportunity legislation in the provision of prevention, screening, diagnostic, and therapy services to all client populations served in the Center. Questions about this policy should be addressed to the Affirmative Action Program Coordinator at 870-972-3658 or at P.O. Box 1500, State University, Arkansas, 72467.