Welcome to Arkansas State University!

      Dean's Office


Mickey Latour


Dr. Mickey Latour

Dean of the College of Agriculture

Phone: 870-972-2802
Office: Agriculture, 218


Donald "Bud" Kennedy


Dr. Donald "Bud" Kennedy

Associate Dean

Professor of Animal Science

Phone: (870) 972-3704
Office: Agriculture, 227


Timi Saffell


Mrs. Timi Saffell

Budget Specialist

Phone: (870) 972-3944
Office: Agriculture, 221


Kayla Silvey


Ms. Kayla Silvey

Dean’s Assistant

Phone: (870) 972-2383
Office: Agriculture, 218


Megan Meese


Ms. Megan Meese

Associate Dean's Assistant

Phone: (870) 972-3221
Office: Agriculture, 227


     Academic Advising Hub


Qubieinique Greer


Ms. Qubieinique Greer

Academic Advisor


Phone: (870) 972-3941
Office: Agriculture, 219


Agricultural Business


Bert Greenwalt


Dr. Bert Greenwalt

Professor of Agricultural Economics

Phone: (870) 972-2221
Office: Agriculture, 224


GwanSeon "Sun" Kim


Dr. GwanSeon "Sun" Kim

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics

Phone: 870-972-2263
Office: Agriculture, 207


Jacob Manlove


Dr. Jacob Manlove

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics

Phone: 870-972-3942
Office: Agriculture, 214


Aaron Shew


Dr. Aaron Shew

R.E.L. Wilson Chair of Agricultural Economics

Cell: 615-971-9938
Office: Agriculture, 220


Agricultural Education


J. Kevin Humphrey


Dr. J. Kevin Humphrey

Associate Professor of Agricultural Education

Phone: (870) 972-2203
Office: Agriculture, 222




Ahmed Hashem


Dr. Ahmed Hashem

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Systems Technology

Phone: 870-972-3557
Office: Agriculture, 211


John Nowlin


Dr. John Nowlin

Assistant Professor of Geospatial Technologies

Phone: 870-972-3468
Office: Agriculture, 212


Animal Science


Donald "Bud" Kennedy


Dr. Donald "Bud" Kennedy

Associate Dean

Professor of Animal Science

Phone: (870) 972-3704
Office: Agriculture, 227


David Newman


Dr. David Newman

Associate Professor of Animal Science

Phone: 870-972-2511
Office: Agriculture, 205


Jerica Rich


Dr. Jerica Rich

Assistant Professor of Animal Science

Phone: 870-972-3392
Office: Agriculture, 206


Malissa Meyer


Ms. Malissa Meyer

Instructor - Animal Science

Phone: 870-972-2686
Office: Agriculture, 215


Brent Files


Mr. Brent Files

Equine Center Barn Manager

Phone: (870) 972-2053
Office: Equine Center


Richard "Corey" Readnour


Mr. Richard "Corey" Readnour

Farm Director

Phone: (870) 972-3813
Office: A-State Farm


Dale McClelland


Mr. Dale McClelland

Assistant Farm Director

Phone: (870) 972-3836
Office: A-State Farm


Plant and Soil Science


Edward Brown


Dr. Edward Brown

Assistant Professor of Agronomy

Phone: 870-972-3476
Office: Agriculture, 204


Steven Green


Dr. Steven Green

Professor of Soil and Water Conservation

Phone: 870-972-3463
Office: Agriculture, 213


Elizabeth E. Hood


Dr. Elizabeth E. Hood

Lipscomb Distinguished Professor

Phone: (870) 680-8427
Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 305


Kim Pittcock


Dr. Kim Pittcock

Associate Professor of Horticulture

Phone: 870-972-2847
Office: Agriculture, 210


Tina Gray Teague


Dr. Tina Gray Teague

Professor of Entomology and Plant Science

Phone: (870) 972-2043
Office: Agriculture, 245


Brett Savary


Dr. Brett Savary

Research Professor of Biopolymer Chemistry

Phone: (870) 680-4792
Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 307


Jianfeng (Jay) Xu


Dr. Jianfeng (Jay) Xu

Research Associate Professor

Phone: (870) 680-4812
Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 313



University of Arkansas


Timothy N. Burcham


Dr. Timothy N. Burcham

Director, Northeast Rice Research and Extension Center

Phone: 870-680-4380
Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute


Spring Sneed


Ms. Spring Sneed

Fiscal Support Analyst

Phone: 870-972-2043
Office: Agriculture, 219C


H. Scott Stiles


Mr. H. Scott Stiles

Instructor - Economics

Phone: (870) 972-2481
Office: Agriculture, 226