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Rules and Guidelines

Arena Usage Guidelines

  • Please remember that there are many equestrian disciplines and that the Equine Center is a shared facility. Please be prepared to adjust your riding program to accommodate the current conditions in the riding arenas. Courtesy and safety should guide your behavior.  

General Facility Rules

The following rules have been compiled in an effort to promote safety at the ASU Equine Center. Please review and follow them.

  1. Please keep dogs on a leash at all times, loose dogs are a safety liability.
  2. The vehicle speed limit is 10 mph in the parking lots and driveways.
  3. No Parking Areas- Please do not park on the grass if it is wet and do not block gates and/or driveways.
  4. Please do not turn horses loose to graze or allow horses to roll in the arena.  
  5. Horses and vehicles/trailers may not be left on the Equine Center property overnight unless a stall rental fee is paid and/or previous arrangements have been made.  Please contact 870-972-2053 or 870-219-3788 for assistance.
  6. You are required to clean up after yourself and your horse before leaving the facility, including stalls. Please turn off all lights if you are the last to leave the facility.
  7. Do not leave your horse unattended in the arena.
  8. Arena maintenance has priority over riding and is typically done between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Please do not enter the arena during maintenance and exit the arena immediately for maintenance to begin. (Note: Maintenance schedules may vary due to changing conditions and priorities.)
  9. Please remember to remove all barrels, poles, etc. after your use. Please return all equipment to the storage stall located just inside the main barn.