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Donating to the Equine Center

Donating a Horse

Many of the horses owned by the Arkansas State University Equine Program have been donated.

Horse Requirements

  • A current, negative coggins
  • Current vaccination records
  • Horses fit for beginner riders
  • Horses that can be used for either English or Western style or both


  1. Submit copies of the registration papers, if appropriate, and medical/vaccination records.
  2. Submit a video of the horse at a walk, jog, lope, demonstrate a 360° turnaround (both directions) and a stop.
  3. Submit a short narrative that describes the work and/or showing the horse has done in the past year.
  4. The barn manager will review the video and paper work and will contact you regarding your donation.
  5. If the horse is accepted for a two-week trial period, the barn manager will evaluate the horse and have a pre-purchase exam performed.
  6. By the end of the trial period, a staff member will have contacted you to let you know if your horse has been approved for the program.
  7. If your horse is approved, you will receive a donation packet, with forms to fill out and send back to us, which will include a horse donation form and an IRS Form 8283, signed by the owner and appraiser.
You will also need to submit
  1. Letter(s) of appraisal
    • One for horses valued less than $5,000 in include name, registration number, and description of the horse.
    • Two for horses valued at $5,000 or above to include name, registration number, if applicable, and a description of the horse.
  2. Registration papers signed over to Arkansas State University, if applicable.
Send Paperwork and DVD to:

Arkansas State University
C/O College of Agriculture
P.O. Box 1080
State University, AR 72467

Tack and Equipment Donation

Arkansas State University will also accept tack and brushes for the Equine Center.  All tack and equipment must be in relatively good condition.  No broken tack or equipment will be accepted.  We appreciate all donations made to the ASU Equine Center!

Equipment Needed:

Reins in sets
Curry combs

Mane and tail combs
Polo wraps
Hoof picks
Saddle pads or blankets
Girth straps
Chest straps