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University Hall

University Hall Other Entry
University Hall Center of Room
University Hall Other Room Left Side
University Hall Slight Left
University Hall Closet Right
UniversityHall Bedroom
University Hall Right Room
University Hall Other Facing Door
University Hall Other Layout
University Hall Closet Left
University Hall Right Room Full
University Hall Closet All Right
University Hall Right Side Low
University Hall Left Room
University Hall Bathroom
University Hall Other Layout Right Side

First-Year Female Residence Hall 

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University Hall is located on Dean Street just a few steps away from the Reng Student Union. University Hall is home to first-year females on different floors in the five-story building. University Hall requires card access to enter the building. University Hall is made up of suite-style living quarters. The main lobby features a large screen television and numerous seating areas. The residents of University Hall have access to a spacious main lobby, a newly renovated suite area to work out, a suite lounge area called The Den, 24-hour study lounges, two kitchens, and a laundry room.


Options: Double Rooms, Suite-Style (Two Rooms/One Bathroom). Limited Single Rooms w/ shared Bathroom. Single Deluxe Room w/ private Bathroom

Details: Each room includes an accessible bedroom thermostat, two Twin XL beds, two dressers, two desks, two chairs, and a large walk-in closet with shelving.

Approximate Measurements: Available Here


24-Hour Floor Lounges

Study Rooms

Lobby Features (Large Screen TV, Various Seating Areas)

Laundry Room

Two Kitchens

High Speed Internet/Wi-Fi

Cable Service