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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be admitted to A-State before I can apply for housing?

Yes, before you can apply for housing you must be formally admitted into the University. This includes receiving your student identification number along with information to set up your username and password for the my.AState Portal.

How do I apply for on campus housing?

Before you begin the application process you will first need to activate/create your student username.

Activate my Digital ID >>

Once you activate your student username you will need to navigate to the my.AState Portal.

Go to the my.AState portal >>

You will use the username and password that you previously activated. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a set of External Applications. You should click on the A-State Housing Portal icon and it will direct you to the application process. In order to successfully complete the electronic application, you are encouraged to read and follow directions on each screen in the portal.

When/Where do I pay the $100 housing deposit?

You are encouraged to pay the deposit as early as possible. You have two payment options:

Pay Online

To pay online, log into my.AState, the campus portal. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a set of External Applications.


  • MyBill
  • Deposits
  • Residence Hall Deposit

Please note that once the A-State Treasurer’s Office receives the deposit it takes 24 hours to show on your housing application. The deposit term will always indicate the current academic term, but the deposit applies to your first semester on campus.

What happens if I change my mind after completing my application and deposit?

Fall Residents (Resident who takes occupancy of room during fall term of the academic year)
o Residents who cancel on or after May 15th will forfeit their housing deposit
o Residents who cancel on or after July 1st will be responsible for the full contract

Spring Only Residents (Resident who takes occupancy of a room after the fall term has ended)
o Residents who cancel on or after December 1st will forfeit their housing deposit
o Residents who cancel on or after January 2nd will be responsible for the full contract

Residents who meet the conditions for cancellation will be assessed prorated room and board costs based on his/her check-out date.

Prorated Rent (when applicable)

Prorated rent is determined by dividing the room rate by the number of days in the semester. This daily rate is then multiplied by the count of days from the official Contract start date through the date when proper checkout procedures have been completed

Cancellation request must be in writing. This can be done via email at housing@astate.edu or by mail P.O. Box 2774, State University, AR 72467. Please refer to the A-State Housing Contract for complete details regarding the cancellation policy.

As a freshman can I live at home and commute to Arkansas State University?

Freshmen not living at the legal residence of his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are required to live in on-campus housing. We believe that the on-campus housing experience will contribute to college success hence better grades and eventually graduation. Students living on campus will have more opportunities to connect to the University. Freshmen (including students planning to live with parents or guardians) may request a release from this policy by completing the off-campus waiver form. Requests along with appropriate documentation will be reviewed by a committee for a decision. 

What size bedding will I need to bring?

Honors Living-Learning Community double rooms, Arkansas, Kays, University, NorthPark Quads, and Collegiate Park have twinXL-sized beds. Honor Living-Learning Community single rooms, Red Wolf Den, N.G. College of Business LLC, STEM Den and ROTC Living-Learning Communities have full-sized beds. The dimensions of the twinXL sized mattresses are 36”x80”. The dimensions of the full-sized mattresses are 54” x 75”.

What is a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

The LLCs are special interest housing for students wanting to live and learn with like-minded students. We currently have seven LLCs in various locations across campus: Honors LLC, STEM den, ROTC LLC, N.G. College of Business 'Griffin House', Rugby LLC, Art and Innovation LLC and Music LLC.

Can I tour the building/room I will be living in?

Arkansas State University has “show” rooms in designated buildings. You can arrange to see one or more of these “show” rooms by calling our office at (870) 972-2042.

How do I create a roommate group?

Roommate groupings are made before housing selection begins in the Housing portal. If you know your desired roommates, you can search them by name on the portal. If you're looking for a roommate, you can browse profiles and send messages to other students.

How can I request a private room?

Private rooms are assigned only if space is available. Students can request to be placed on a private room waiting list at the front desk of the residence hall in which they are assigned during the first week of fall and spring classes. Students on the waiting list will be placed in order according to date of housing deposits. If space becomes available and a private room can be offered, you will be contacted via email by the Assignments Coordinator.

When will I receive my room assignment?

After you have made an application in the A-State Housing Portal, you will be contacted via email during the spring with instructions on how you will select your room. You will actually select the building and room where you will live. Please check your email regularly. 

How will University Housing communicate with me?

Our preferred method of communications is through email. We will use the personal email provided on your admissions application until you either attend an Orientation session or become an A-State concurrent student at which point we will use your official A-State student email account. 

Can I receive mail to my residence hall?

No. USPS, Fedex, UPS, etc. do not deliver to our residential locations. Students may purchase a P.O. Box at the University's Postal Center located on the second floor of the Reng Student Union.