Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there elevators in the residence halls?

There are elevators in Arkansas, Kays, and University Hall.  North Park Quads do not have elevators.

How often are rooms cleaned?

Our housekeeping staff thoroughly cleans each bathroom and bedroom before each camp arrives. Once each camp begins, campers are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and bathrooms. Our housekeeping staff does daily cleaning of common bathrooms, lounges, and other public areas.

Are the rooms carpeted?


Is smoking allowed in the residence halls?

Arkansas State University is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is NOT allowed in any campus residence hall or building. All residence halls in all locations, including student rooms, are smoke-free. 

Are linens provided?

Campers should be advised to bring their own linen, towels, and personal items for their room.

Are refrigerators or microwaves permissible?

Campers are allowed to bring  microwaves and refrigerators (up to 4 cubic feet in size). 

Is the furniture in the room movable?

All the furniture in the halls can be rearranged. We ask that campers not move furniture, mattresses, etc. into other rooms.

Will there be other camps on the same floor?

Typically different camps are assigned to different floors. However, if space is needed, the possibility exists.

Are the residence halls air conditioned?

Yes, all residence halls have air conditioning.

What if a camper is locked out of his/her room?

A loaner key can be issued by a Summer Conference Assistant. There will be a Summer Conference Assistant on call 24 hours a day.

What mailing address should a camper use?

Mail sent through UPS or FedEx requires a street address. Campers will need to contact the Residence Life office in order to get the mailing address for the building they are residing.

What if a camper loses their assigned key to his/her room?

If the key is lost, the camper and/or camp is responsible for the cost of replacing the key and lock change. A loaner key will be provided to the camper if needed.

Is cable television provided?

Yes, campers will have cable television provided, but they will need to bring their own television and cable cord.

Is parking free?

Parking is free to campers who are residing on campus less than 7 days. Any individual residing on campus 7 days or more will be assessed a parking fee.

Are vending machines available?

Yes. All residence halls are equipped with vending machines.

How is access gained into the residence halls?

All campers will receive swipe cards that will be activated to access their assigned hall. This card also provides access to the cafeteria. If a card is lost please contact a Summer Conference Assistant immediately.

How are maintenance issues handled?

All maintenance orders should be reported to the Residence Life office at 972-2042 and a Residence Life Maintenance staff member will respond promptly.

Are there laundry facilities in the residence halls?

Yes, each hall has its own laundry facility. Wash is $1.00, dry is $.75. Don’t forget to bring laundry detergent!

Are campers allowed to have visitors?

Only those individuals registered with the University are allowed in the building. Guest should be approved by the camp liaison. No overnight guests are allowed.

Is internet access available?

Wireless and Ethernet access are available. Campers are advised to bring their own Ethernet cord.

Are campers' belongings insured?

Arkansas State University assumes no legal responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal property due to insufficient or excessive heat, fire, smoke, water, the elements, or action of third party. Residents should carry insurance protection for their personal belongings.