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Payment Plans

Payment Plan Options

Spring 2023



Enrollment Period: 12/19/2022 - 3/15/2023
Payment Dates:   12/31  1/31  2/28  3/31  4/30
Down Payment: Not Required
Setup Fee: $40 Required
Late Fee: $25.00 (assessed 5 days after each missed payment)


Enrollment Period: 12/19/2022 - 3/15/2023
Payment Dates:   12/31  1/15  1/31  2/15  2/28  3/15  3/31  4/15  4/30
Down Payment: Not Required
Setup Fee: $40 Required
Late Fee: $12.50 (assessed 5 days after each missed payment)

About Payment Plans

Students enroll, setup payments, and cancel payment plans themselves through myBill.

Pay Anytime

  • Payments can be made at any time and in any amount as long as the installment amount is paid in full before or on the installment due date.
    • Example: If your first installment is $500.00 and due on 5/31, you can pay $100 on 5/15, $200 on 5/20, and $200 on 5/31.

Schedule Automatic Payments

  • Installments can be scheduled to automatically draft from a bank account or charge a credit/debit card.

Automatically Adjusts

  • Payment dates automatically adjust if students enroll after the first payment date.
    • Example: The plan's first installment date was 7/31, but you signed up on 8/16. The payment amounts will equally divide out amongst the remaining plan dates.
  • Payment amounts automatically adjust as charges/payments are posted to the student account. 
  • If a student is receiving financial aid, they can sign up for a payment plan before or after aid posts. Once aid posts to the student account, the installment amounts will adjust.


  • A $40.00 installment fee is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Late fees are automatically assessed 5 days after each missed payment.

Important Information

  • Students are responsible for monitoring their payment plan and charges on their student account. Some charges may not be included and must be paid outside of the plan.
  • Students may not register for future terms based on payment plan enrollment unless they have completed at least two months of payments, account balance is below $5,000, and there is no history of late payments on current or prior plans.
  • Per University policy, transcripts are not released until account balances are paid in full. If a student is enrolled within a payment plan, the entire account balance must be paid before the transcript will be released.