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Late fees are assessed to any unpaid balance not enrolled in a payment plan after the 11th class day in fall and spring terms, 5th class day in the summer and winter.

Avoid Late Fees

  1. Pay account balance in full
  2. Enroll in a payment plan
  3. Notify the Treasurer's Office of additional third party funding or expected additional financial aid (after the initial disbursement)

Important Information

  • Late fees are not removed once posted.
  • Balances must be paid or enrolled in a payment plan prior to the late fee day.
  • Payments made or received on the day of the late fee are charged.
  • Checks must be received prior to the day of the late fee.
  • Students receiving third party funding or additional aid (after the initial disbursement) must contact the Treasurer's Office prior to the day of the late fee to avoid being charged.
    • Example: If the late fee posts on September 15th, the balance must be paid, payment must be received, or we must be notified of additional funding on September 14th or prior.
Upcoming Late Fees

Jul 19th