Welcome to Arkansas State University!


We provide a facility that offers a variety of programs, activities, and services to foster a sense of community life, which enhances a diverse learning experience.

Our mission statement extends the ideas and mission statements of the University and the Division of Student Affairs listed below:


Following the execution of the agreement of the event, the Event Coordinator will work with you on the event planning and implementation. The Event Coordinator will be in contact and remain as the primary A-State and Reng Student Union liaison through the conclusion of the event.

It is important to remember that the facility is a diverse, multipurpose facility. We may have simultaneous events in the building. Your reservation remains tentative until you provide our office with all required information, contract, and deposit if noted. All reservations are subject to the Reng Student Union operating and rental policies. 

Reservations are subject to space, room, and equipment availability. The Carl R. Reng Student Union reserves the right to reassign rooms to serve the greatest number of programs and services. The Event Coordinator will provide notification of changes to reservations promptly via email or phone.

Reservation Rates

There are three categories of rates. These categories are not based on event type, but rather on event sponsor. The three categories and their definitions are as follows:

University Departments

A program qualifies as a university department event when an ASU-Jonesboro department or the University Foundation reserves the space, the department is actively involved in the planning of the event, and the program is charged to a university account. Facility charges will be in effect whenever participant fees are assessed.

Registered Student Organizations

The Student Union is pleased to offer its facilities and event planning services to all ASU-Jonesboro registered student organizations. A student group can become recognized as a registered student organization once it has completed all the necessary requirements by the Leadership Center. A program qualifies as a student organization event when a member of that organization reserves the space and the group is actively involved in the planning of the event. The Student Union facilities are available to all university registered student organizations at no charge when those events are free to the university and community. Facility charges will be in effect whenever participant fees are assessed.

Non-University Sponsored Events

Programs, conferences, or other events that are utilizing the Student Union facilities, not hosted by other university departments or student organizations, are considered non-university sponsored events.

Rates include required set-ups, university supervision, and normal cleaning. Depending on your needs and the nature of your event, there may be additional charges, including fees for special equipment, security, set-up labor, operating beyond normal building hours, and other than normal clean up to restore facilities to pre-event condition.

Price includes audio/visual equipment and staff, but is subject to availability.

Sponsored events of outside organizations by A-State departments will be charged the general public fee unless they are for faculty staff in-service or for students.


A-State and the Carl R. Reng Student Union maintain an exclusive food and beverage contract with Sodexo Dining Services. Sodexo Dining is prepared to offer the finest quality products and services for all functions. Gourmet coffee breaks, receptions, black-tie dinners, and theme parties are just a sample of the events they can cater for you. Sodexo Dining Services offices are located in the Carl R. Reng Student Union and may be contacted at 870-972-2059.


To maintain safe and efficient operations, the Carl. R. Reng Student Union requires all loading in and out of event materials to take place through the Reng Student Union loading dock. The customer is responsible for all load in and load out of their materials. We can provide dollies and carts when reserved in advance.


Notify the Event Coordinator of any damage that occurs throughout the course of the event. A damage report with photographs will be submitted to the Carl R. Reng Student Union Directors Office. The cost of the repair of damages is the customer's responsibility. All repairs will be coordinated through the Student Union and Facilities Management.


Due to limited storage space, the Carl R. Reng Student Union will not accept advance freight deliveries or event supplies. All event supplies must be brought in by the customer upon the designated move in period. The Reng Student Union will not be liable for the security of materials remaining at the conclusion of the move-out date. Materials left on the property will be disposed of at the customer's expense.


Suggested capacities for meeting rooms are provided in the guide. Capacities will vary with the addition of staging, dance floor, audio-visual equipment, and food and beverage service. Contact the Event Coordinator to confirm room capacities prior to preparing room specifications.


Signs, decorations, and related materials may not be taped, tacked, stapled, nailed, etc. to any surface in the Reng Student Union. Banner space may be reserved in the Carl R. Reng Student Union. Carl R. Reng Student Union staff will hang all banners. No exterior banners are permitted on the building. 



  1. Student functions will be given priority on a first-come, first served basis along with the University Community and other clientele.
  2. The Reng Student Union reserves the right to alter priority of any event after they are scheduled, if in their estimation it is in the best interest of Arkansas State University.
  3. The Carl R. Reng Student Union reserves the right to assess any group a fee for damages caused by the organization using our facilities. Note: The fee will be assessed through the Office of Finance and failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of future use of the facility.
  4. The Carl R. Reng Student Union will not assume responsibility for outside audiovisual equipment, seminar presenting equipment, etc. This includes delivery invoices, set-up, or testing.
  5. Arrangements must be made in advance for delivery and pick-up of event equipment.
  6. A representative of the organization requesting a reservation must meet with Sodexo Catering Services concerning the menu, cost, attendance, decorations, etc.
  7. The Alumni Lounge and the Heritage Plaza Lounge will not be used as meeting rooms. Their sole purpose is for teas, formal receptions, press conferences, etc. All use will be at the discretion of the Reng Student Union Director.
  8. All individuals and groups meeting in the facility must comply with all University, local, and state laws, ordinances, and regulations.
  9. Use of any sound amplification systems within or around the Carl R. Reng Student Union must be approved by the Dean/Director of the Carl R. Reng Student Union. Sound levels will be monitored by Carl. R. Reng Student Union staff. In the event sound levels are determined to be excessive, the organization will be asked to lower their sound levels. Music containing vulgar or derogatory language will not be allowed in or around the Carl R. Reng Student Union. Failure to comply with these request will result in the termination of the event.
  10. Any and all unsafe conditions or activities will be terminated immediately upon request. The Student Union will remove disruptive parties as necessary.
  11. Events will not be scheduled during periods when the university is closed.
  12. At no time will anything be permitted to be stuck on any window surface within the Reng Student Union.
  13. Banners may be used to promote events held on campus. Banner space must be reserved through the Reng Student Union Office. All banners must be professionally made to the dimensions of 2' ft. 8" in. x 10' ft. . Banners will be hung by the Reng Student Union Office, and then removed at the end of the reservation. No hand written or painted banners will be hung in Reng Student Union banner space. Banner space may only be reserved for one week at a time.


  1. Recognized Registered Student Organizations may reserve space in the Reng Student Union for their meetings. RSOs must re-register through the Leadership Center each fall. 
  2. All reservations are on a first-come, first served basis.
  3. Scheduling will be according to the availability of the meeting rooms.
  4. In the event of a cancellation, the Reng Student Union office must be given 24 hours notice prior to the event. Organizations who do not cancel their events and do not show for their reservations will be held accountable for their missed reservations. Organizations who miss three reservations without canceling through the Reng Student Union main office will have their reservation privileges suspended.
  5. Failure to comply with these policies and procedures could result in the loss of use of the Reng Student Union.
  6. Sodexo catering services will provide any and all food services.


    1. Shoes and shirts are to be worn in the facility at all times. No excessive sagging pants will be permitted.
    2. Excessive profanity will not be tolerated.
    3. No radios, jam boxes, mega phones, etc. will be allowed in the Reng Student Union.
    4. No verbal or physical fighting will be allowed in the facility at any time. Violators will be asked to leave and the University Police will be notified.
    5. No wrestling or excessive horseplay will be allowed in the facility.
    6. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed in the facility.
    7. Anyone causing damage to the facility will be held responsible and will be subjected to University disciplinary action.
    8. Anyone caught deliberately littering in the Reng Student Union will be subject to university disciplinary action.
    9. Anyone caught tampering with Reng Student Union property will be subject to University disciplinary action.
    10. No loitering in meeting rooms, without scheduling with the Reng Student Union office will be permitted.
    11. No roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, pets, etc. will be allowed in the facility.


    1. Informational tables may be scheduled in advance in the Reng Student Union Office.
    2. Table use must comply with university policy in regard to solicitation. A solicitation request form must be submitted from any group collecting money for any reason (donations, sold items, etc.) These solicitation request forms are located in the Leadership Center offices and must be completed and returned for approval one week prior to the event.
    3. No sitting on the tables is permitted.
    4. Any damage to tables and/or chairs will be charged to the responsible party or group.
    5. Only one table is allowed per group.
    6. The maximum time allowed for booking a table at any one time is 5 consecutive days.
    7. Each group is required to adhere to the above rules. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the loss of this privilege.
    8. Students must stay at the reserved info table at all times rather than aggressively approaching students passing by.