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The Student Health Center maintains strict HIPPA guidelines. All information obtained from students is confidential. Patient information will not be given to parents, teachers, etc. without prior consent and authorization from the student. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Student Health Center. 


 Patient rights and responsibilities:

  • Patients have the right to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity. Patients are responsible for treating staff and others with respect, consideration and dignity.
  • Patients disclosures and records are treated confidentially. Patients are given the authority to approve or refuse their release.
  • Patients are responsible for giving the written authority before requesting the information be sent to another facility or even sent to themselves. If a patient would like their information sent to another facility, they must fill out the Authorization To Release Patient Health Information form.
  • Patients are provided to the degree known, information concerning their diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.
  • Patients are responsible to give the health center care provider complete and full information on their health status and to cooperate in treatment planning and follow-up.
  • Patients are responsible to make appointments.
  • Patients have the right to express grievances and suggestions to the health center. Patients responsibility is to state the grievance and suggestions in writing.
  • Patients are given the opportunity to participate in decisions concerning their health care.
  • Patients are responsible for asking appropriate questions and letting the health staff know when they are confused or do not understand.
  • Patients rights and responsibilities will be posted in the waiting area of the health center and copies of these will be available upon request.