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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

The Student Conduct process may prompt a number of questions for parents, especially if their student notifies them that they are required to attend a Student Conduct meeting. This FAQ page is meant to help you, as a parent, navigate this process with your student.

What can I do to assist my child through this process?

If your student has notified you that they must attend a meeting with the Office of Student Conduct or that they received a letter from the Office of Student Conduct, you should discuss this with your student. In order for a member of our office to discuss details related to a case with a parent the student must complete a signed "Consent to Disclose" form. This allows staff members to discuss specifics regarding a pending conduct case. The best thing a parent can do is to encourage their child to be open and honest about the incident and encourage them to engage in the process.

Can I see the charges against my student in a pending conduct case?

You may only be made aware of the charges against your student if the student submits a signed "Consent to Disclose" form to our office allowing you, as their parent, to be made aware of the details associated with their pending conduct case. Without this form, staff from the Office of Student Conduct will not speak to parents regarding any details associated with a student's case.

Who has alleged that my student violated policy?

Any member of the university community at Arkansas State may file a report with the Office of Student Conduct alleging that a violation of university policy has taken place. This may include staff members, faculty members, or even other students. Upon receiving a report of an alleged violation of university policy, the Office of Student Conduct will launch an investigation to determine if there was in fact a potential violation of policy based on the report. 

Will this incident be on my student's permanent record?

If a student is found responsible for violating a university policy, an official record will be kept with the Office of Student Conduct. However, this record will not be attached to the student's Academic Transcript and the conduct record will not be revealed without written permission from the student.

What is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is the primary federal law that protects the confidentiality of student records, including conduct records. In order for a staff member with the Office of Student Conduct to share any specific details about a case, the student must sign a waiver in which they name the individual that they would like that information to be shared with. You can read more about FERPA and how it might affect your student's records here.

My student told me that they were placed on Conduct Probation, what does that mean?

The sanction of Conduct Probation is imposed when a student's actions were deemed to be particularly serious, but not serious enough for Suspension or Expulsion. A student who is sanctioned to Conduct Probation is considered not to be in good conduct standing and this may effect their ability to be involved in certain organizations on campus or to hold part time staff positions on campus.