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Criminal History Admissions

Admissions Procedures for Students with Criminal History


As a part of Arkansas State University’s effort to provide a safe campus and learning environment, the university will review an A-State Admissions Applicant's prior or pending criminal history, including whether the applicant is required to register as a sex offender. When an applicant has been arrested for, charged with, or found responsible for a felony or is required to register as a sex offender, the applicant must submit the A-State Criminal History Admissions Application and all required supporting documentation.

The A-State Criminal History Admissions Committee (CHAC) will review A-State Criminal History Admissions Applications and documentation for Arkansas State University-Jonesboro and A-State Online Programs undergraduate admission, graduate school admission, readmission, and campus residential housing. The CHAC will determine if an applicant's past or current criminal history will disqualify the applicant for admission into Arkansas State University- Jonesboro or A-State Online Programs. Accordingly, the CHAC must approve Criminal History Admissions Applications before applicants can continue the Arkansas State University-Jonesboro or A-State Online Programs admissions process.  

Criminal History Committee Structure

The Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs (or designee) shall chair the CHAC and serve as a non-voting member. Other representatives, including legal counsel, may be added to review Criminal History Applications at the chair's discretion. Directors of the following offices shall appoint standing members to this committee who shall serve two-year staggered terms:

  • Office of the Registrar (non-voting member)
  • Office of Admissions (non-voting member)
  • University Housing
  • Counseling Services (for consultation purposes only)
  • University Police
  • Student Conduct
  • Faculty Member

No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms without rotating off the committee for a minimum of one year as staffing allows.


If the felony or sex offender question on the A-State Admissions application form is checked “yes,” the applicant will be sent an email detailing the additional information needed for the Criminal History Admission Application process.  The email will contain the link to the Criminal History Admission Application: https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?ArkansasStateUniv&layout_id=14.

All Applicants that check yes will be required to submit the following:

  • Criminal History Admissions Application 
  • Police Report of all relevant Incident(s)
  • Court Paperwork from Court decision(s)
  • Letter explaining the incident and why the applicant would like to attend Arkansas State University including:
    • Brief explanation of the incident(s)
    • Status of relevant sentence (completed, probation, parole, etc.)
    • Steps the applicant has taken since completing their sentence showing personal growth.
    • Why the applicant wants to attend Arkansas State University and how acquiring a college degree can help them in their personal and career growth.
  • Affidavits for arrest.
  • Reference Letters (1 required, but up to 3 will be accepted).
  • Criminal History Background check from Arkansas and the state(s) in which the felonies occurred (Fees may be required to complete this check).

The State of Arkansas Criminal History Background Check can be completed by contacting:

Arkansas State Police Identification Bureau
#1 State Police Plaza Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72209
(501) 618-8500

Applicants will submit all requested information via the Criminal History Admissions Application link https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?ArkansasStateUniv&layout_id=14.

If Applicants are unable to submit the requested information electronically via the online application link, they may also mail the documentation to the Office of Student Conduct using the following address:

The Office of Student Conduct

PO Box 2762

State University, AR 72467

Once the Office of Student Conduct receives all requested information, the Criminal History Admissions Committee will meet to review the information provided. Only complete applications will be reviewed

The Criminal History Admission Committee will determine if the applicant can continue the admissions process to Arkansas State University-Jonesboro or A-State Online Programs. The committee may also recommend the applicant be admitted with or without special conditions related to major selection, course scheduling, involvement in campus activities, and/or campus housing.

The decision of the Criminal History Admissions Committee is final. Applicants and appropriate departments will be notified in writing of the decision.

Applicants may not reapply for admission in the same academic year that they were denied by the Criminal History Admissions Committee unless there has been a change in their information.

Not sure how to access your documents? Try the information below:

Submit a freedom of information request to your arresting agency, and the prosecuting attorney's office that prosecuted your case.

You may also try and obtain your probable cause affidavit from online record databases such as Arkansas Court Connect (if convicted in the state of Arkansas).

If you are actively on parole or probation, you may be able to access these documents by contacting your Probation/Parole Officer.

You can obtain a copy of your criminal background record from the Arkansas State Police (if convicted in the state of Arkansas) or the appropriate police agency in the state where you were convicted.