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2021 Staff Senate Candidates

EEO 10/30: Professional Non-Faculty/Executive Managerial/Administrative

Himaja Balakrishnan

I’m Himaja Balakrishnan . I work in the Registrar’s office. And this is my 2nd year working in A-State. Because of the nature of my job, I have opportunity to work with various, dept, academic affairs and students as well .
I grew up in India and moved to US with my family in the year 2009. In my previous employment, I have worked in Human Resource Dept and have always been involved with a various HR Initiatives that made a positive impact in the organization
I believe I can offer a different perspective as a potential member of Staff Senate. I’m always open to learn, listen and would like to make a positive difference in A-State.
I look forward to representing Staff Senate , work with my colleagues and our community to help improve Arkansas State. Wolves Up!

Maria Barner

A-State has been my home-away-from-home for nearly 15 years.  Although I’ve been in the same position as accountant in ABI, I’ve interacted with, and have good relationships, with many of the staff across campus.  As a senator, I would provide a voice to all staff and I would appreciate your and vote.  Thank you!

Sandra Bramblett

I have been with the University for 33 years and it has been an honor to have server several terms with the Staff Senate beginning as a charter member in 1996.  Presently, I work in the Travel Services division of Finance and Administration where I have served in several different positions of the department since 1990.  If elected, I will devote myself to representing my category with integrity and honesty in every aspect.

Melissa Dooley

I am an Arkansas State alumni that is proud to have the opportunity work at the institution that provided me with the education and foundation that lead to my career. I am passionate about the growth of Arkansas State University and I am always of looking for ways that I can contribute to its growth and success. The Staff Senate looks to be a way that I can network on campus and be a voice for my colleagues. 

Candace L. Evans

I am interested in becoming a part of Staff Senate because I love this institution and the evolving culture. I want to be an active participant in influencing the quality of campus life. I also want to provide any input I may have on campus policies, procedure, and programs. I have had the opportunity to be Mrs. Jennifer Salo's proxy twice; I enjoyed the discussion and the passion from the senators that spoke. Finally, I want to be apart of Staff Senate to interact with staff across campus. Those interactions can be beneficial to me and my specific areas that I service.

Andy Geswein

I have worked here at A-State for the past 5 years and have had a variety of positions producing videos telling a wide variety of stories on this campus. It has been a great privelege getting to hear so many of these stories and I would like to see what else I can do in order to further along the Staff on this campus.

Whitley Green

My name is Whitley Green and I am honored to accept the nomination for Staff Senate at Arkansas State University.

This University means so much to me. Being a part of Staff Senate is an amazing opportunity to not only serve this great university but to have a better understanding of the governance for the University.

I graduated in August 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio-Television and an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. During my time as a student, I served as a member of Black Student Association as well as the National Association of Black Journalists. The purpose of each organization is to Develop and Encourage University awareness as well as improving the cultural and social life of African American Students on campus. I joined A-State as a Staff member in June 2017 to give back to the university and create more wonderful memories. During my time here, I have worked in Undergrad Admissions, Human Resources and currently the Treasurer’s Office. Each department has provided me the opportunity of working with the best staff members around.

I’ve also had the opportunity to listen to each staff meeting over the last few months. Each one provided more information as well as challenges that we face. I heard concerns and all I wanted to do was find a solution to help them. To be a voice for those that feel unheard. In the words of Dr. Kelly Damphousse “Every Red Wolf Counts”.

Jessica Kay Gregory

Hello Everyone,
My name is Jessica K Gregory and I am running for a seat in our Staff Senate. I have been with ASU since August 16, 2016. For the majority of my time here I was in the Treasurer’s Office at the front desk (Administrative Specialist II) and had the pleasure of meeting so many students, faculty and staff. I am also attending ASU as a Non-Traditional Student and close to getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and hope to continue to a Masters as well. I currently work in the Admissions office and I am a Records Management Analyst. I get to tell students Welcome to the Wolf Pack! We call it Confetti in our office, because they get an email with confetti. That is one of the best feelings in the world to be able to tell a student we want you here and EveryRedWolfDoesCount! That includes us too!
I have lived in Jonesboro Arkansas all my life and have been an Indian and a RedWolf. I have 5 kids and one of them is a current 2nd year Freshman. I hope to have several more come to ASU.

Kevin Hennings

I have been at A-State since 2019, serving as the Research Analyst in the Office of Assessment. Previously, I worked in the registrar’s office of a small private university. I am passionate about student success. In my spare time I like to hike and practice nature photography, as well as spend time with my cat, Agnes. I am interested in serving as a staff senator, because I would like to find more ways to make a difference and continue making A-State a great place to work!

Melissa Jackson, Ed.D.

Melissa Jackson is a four-time graduate of Arkansas State University. She joined the Wilson Advising Center in 2006 as an Academic Advisor and was promoted to Director of the center in 2012 where she continues in this role. In addition to her primary role at the University, Melissa currently serves as the Chair of the University’s Academic Advising Council, member of the- University’s Undergraduate Graduation and Academic Credit Appeals Committee, Math Pathways Committee, University Honors Awards Committee, Campus Culture and Climate Sub Committee, Mentor for Circle of Trust/Sister 2 Sister and Primary Advisor for the Kappa Xi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Melissa has an interest in ensuring fair practices for students and staff members. If provided an opportunity to serve as a member of the staff senate, she will commit to ensuring that the purpose of the committee is upheld. Melissa has been instrumental in assisting with positive change at the university regarding academic policies and retention efforts as a past member of the Chancellor’s Commission on Completion, Undergraduate Enrollment and Policies Committee, First Year Experience Advisory Board and Transfer Student Services Advisory Committee. Melissa has also served as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Communications and the First-Year Experience Program. She is prepared to use her experiences and knowledge to help move the mission of staff senate forward. Melissa is willing to listen, learn, lift her voice and most importantly work to make a difference.

Christina Kostick

My name is Christina Kostick and I am the Associate Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships. I have been employed at A-State since August 2010. I am responsible for processing and monitoring the financial aid for all NCAA student-athletes to ensure that they are meeting federal and NCAA eligibility requirements. In addition, I serve as the financial aid representative that oversees the financial aid processing for the Nurse Anesthesia program. I am currently a member of the Undergraduate Admissions Appeals Committee, and the Financial Aid & Scholarships Committees. I work closely with faculty and staff across campus to assist students that have been referred to or have contacted Pack Support.

I believe that at this point in my career, becoming a member of the Staff Senate would be the next step in my professional development. My husband is also employed here at A-State as the Head Coach for Women’s Bowling so we are very invested in A-State and its future success. I believe that becoming a part of the Staff Senate will allow me to help contribute to A-State in a more active role than I have had thus far. I would be honored if I am elected to be a Staff Senator and would strive to advocate for the needs of our A-State community. Thank you for your consideration.

Kimberly Lee

My name is Kimberly (Kim) Lee and I am the Greenhouse Manager at the Arkansas Biosciences Institute. I have worked at ABI for almost 14 years but was an undergraduate student at A-State before then. I worked in the College of Agriculture greenhouses and display garden during the 4 years I was working on my degree. I graduated in May 2006 with my B.S. in Agriculture (Plant Science). I then did a 6 month internship at Walt Disney World in Florida in the EPCOT greenhouses. After that I returned back to A-State to work in ABI. I also obtained my M.S. in Agriculture (Soils) in December 2011. I have been a member of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) here on campus since 2013. I am honored to be nominated to serve on the staff senate. If elected, I will do my very best to serve and represent all the staff. 

Sharon K. Lee

My name is Sharon Lee and I would love the opportunity to serve you as your next Staff Senator. I have had the experience of serving on the Staff Senate before as Vice-President and Senator. I enjoy being an advocate for others and would love to use my voice, along with over 40 years of experience, to help motivate and encourage the morale of our students, staff, faculty and the university, as we move forward in shaping the “New Normal” for our future. A-State is a great place to work and grow intellectually. If it were not so, I would not have invested over 40 years in my Alma Mater.
I am a well-rounded employee, whereas, I am a former student-athlete, a three time A-State graduate, an active member of the A-State Lettermen’s Club, a 1924 Sustaining Life Member of the A-State Alumni Association, a member of the Red Wolf Foundation, an active member of the Strong-Turner Alumni Chapter of the A-State Alumni Association, and a longtime dedicated employee. I am honored to have been nominated and to have this opportunity to ask you, my fellow colleagues, for your vote!

Mary C. Martin

My name is Mary Martin and I am proud to be a graduate of Arkansas State University. I have been working at First National Bank Arena since 2011. I currently serve as the Assistant Director of Finance for the Arena. This position allows me to work closely with my FNB Arena team, promoters of concerts and local events, people from the community, vendors and other departments across campus that have events at the Arena.
Participation in the Staff Senate would enhance my opportunities to collaborate with additional colleagues on campus to serve faculty, students and staff in reaching important goals that affect each of us at Arkansas State University.
It would be my honor to serve in this capacity for the betterment of the University.

Jarod Matheney

I am Jarod Matheney, Director of Operations for the FNB Arena. Passionate, energetic professional with a background in Higher Education & Facility Management. I take pride in being connected to the pulse of campus and I feel this group plays a vital role with influencing what happens here which is what sparked my interest. I enjoy interacting with colleagues across campus and sharing ideas to engage our campus community. It would be my pleasure to serve in this capacity to influence and enhance the quality of Campus Life here at ASTATE! 

Karen Nelson

My name is Karen Nelson, and I am the University Center Coordinator on the ASU Mid-South campus. I have been a staff member at Arkansas State University since November 1, 2019. Prior to joining ASU, I was a staff member with ASU Mid-South’s Trio SSS program, where I served as an Academic Counselor for three years. My areas of expertise are in student support in higher education.
I am interested in becoming a member of the ASU Staff Senate for a variety of reasons. Prior to joining ASU I served in staff positions in higher education institutions for 14 years. In my roles at these institutions I worked as an Academic Advisor and Associate Director of the Transfer office to help students reach their educational goals. I also took an active role on the campuses by volunteering on a number of committees for the campus community and area community.
As a result of my experiences, I have an understanding how important it is for staff members to work together in maintaining a positive and safe environment for our students and staff/faculty members. By being involved and committing your time to serve are important ways to help see the goals you are seeking are met for our ASU students. I want to be part of the team that helps to find solutions. If elected for the senate, I will be diligent about the responsibility and will do my best to make positive and meaningful contributions.

Prathima Pattada

My name is Prathima Pattada (Appaji). I live in Jonesboro with my husband, Shiva and two boys, Pranav and Gaurav. We have lived in Jonesboro for the past 5 years and once before from 2009 to 2012. I grew up in India and moved to the United States in 2004 after our marriage.
I have worked in the Department of Biological Sciences (2010-2012), Department of Psychology and Counseling (2015-2016), as Fiscal Support Analyst and now I am working as Data/Assessment Coordinator in the College of Education and Behavioral Science Dean’s Office (2016-Present). I have served in the Staff Distinguished Performance Awards committee for the past three years and continue to serve a term this year. I love working at A-State and enjoy being involved, in being aware of happenings at the University for the Staff and want to be able to make a difference for the best for all of the staff at A-State for now and in the future. By serving in the staff senate I would like to learn more about and contribute to University governance. I believe, participating in the Staff Senate is a timely and impactful way to achieve that goal and to serve.

Hope Phillips

I am Project Director at the Arkansas Biosciences Institute and been at A-State for 32 years.  I was selected a charter member of the Staff Senate which began in 1996 and served several terms since.  I will do my best to appropriately represent the staff of the university if elected.

Carolyn Ponce

I work in the Information Technology Services department and am currently A-State’s Blackboard Administrator. As a Blackboard MVP, I am active in the Blackboard Administrator community, and present regularly on webinars and at Blackboard’s yearly conference. I am also an Adjunct Instructor of Music. I have taught courses in Fine Arts Music, History of Church Music, and Philosophies of Education. I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate (late stages) in Historical Musicology at the University of Memphis, TN. I volunteer as the Music Minister for Saint John Newman University Parish. I enjoy spending time quilting and playing with my fur babies: Pino, Abby, and Bambi. I feel that serving on Staff Senate is an important way for me to become more involved with issues that affect staff on our campus. I have previous experience serving on the A-State Staff Senate as an interim senator (2014-2015). I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for A-State’s Staff Senate, and I am excited about the opportunity to serve. 

Taron De'Vontae Robinson

My name is Taron De’Vontae Robinson, pronouns He, Him.
I was born in Jonesboro Arkansas, a graduate of Arkansas State University earning my Bachelors in Computer and Information Technology and Masters’ in College Student and Personnel Services. I currently work in Global Engagement and Outreach as the Director of University Centers. I want to serve on Staff Senate so I can be more involved with the campus.

Kayla Silvey

My name is Kayla Silvey, and I work in the College of Agriculture. I have worked full-time at A-State since 2018, but I have been around campus much longer as I am a two-time graduate. Being on campus for so long, I know that staff members are the backbone of this university. I’ve greatly enjoyed sitting in on just about every Staff Senate meeting that has been held this year, and it has been integral in making me feel more involved with the university as a whole. I would like to serve on Staff Senate to be a part in making a difference for both current and future staff members. Having been both a student and a staff member, I think I would bring a unique perspective. In my free time, I can be found soaking up time with my husband and daughter.  

Zachary Duane Singleton

My name is Zachary Singleton, and I am running for Staff Senate. I have worked as an academic advisor for the Wilson Advising Center for a little over three years. I am a graduate of Arkansas State University. I believe that staff members need a voice, and I would be that voice for my fellow staff members in my EEO category. I currently serve as the Vice-President for Communications for ArkAAN (Arkansas Academic Advising Network), a state academic advising organization. I have led groups in the past to look for new student conduct software, update webpages, and look at technology needs. I will bring the skills learned from my past positions in housing/residence life, my current position as an academic advisor, and my ArkAAN position for Staff Senate. 

Elizabeth Snow

I am honored to accepted the nomination for Staff Senate. I am a proud three-time alumna and employee of Arkansas State University. In December of 2011 I received a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Communication Studies. I received my Ed.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2014. Currently, I work within the College of Education as the coordinator for the Helping Our Wolves Learn (H.O.W.L.) Transition Program. In my position, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know and work with many offices, departments, and individuals across the campus. My position allows me to embrace my passion for advocating and promoting diversity, inclusion, and equitable practices on campus and within our community. As a member of the Staff Senate, I would be able continue pursue this passion to ensure all staff voices are heard and Every Red Wolf Counts.
Though I’ve only been on staff for just shy of two years, I’ve been actively involved by volunteering with various aspects of campus for past six years. For example; I’ve had the honor to sit on the Mental Health Counseling Adversary Board, provide internship supervision for MHC students, aid in planning and facilitating recruitment events such as AState’s annual “Throw Down at J-Town” regional debate tournament. I am also active within the Jonesboro and NEA Community. I volunteer with NEA Pride; participate in and support equal rights movements, rallies, and marches; and am current president of the NE Arkansas Mental Health Counseling Association. In my down time; I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, gardening, camping, reading, and playing with my dogs.

Mary Elizabeth Spence

My name is Mary Elizabeth Spence, and I currently serve as the Assistant Director of Assessment at Arkansas State University. I have been in this role since July 2017. I am an alumnus of Arkansas State University and the University of Florida, and have worked in higher education for 12 years total. My professional interests include Student Learning Assessment, Faculty Engagement in Assessment and Accreditation, and General Education. I am currently an EdD candidate in Adult and Lifelong Learning at the University of Arkansas.

I would like to pursue a nomination to Staff Senate in order to help effect change on a campus that I am a committed member of. I think that it is important for all constituents on campus to have a voice, and I would work hard to ensure that not just my own professional interests, but also those of peer staff members would be heard. I consider service to the University a part of my professional duties and responsibilities. I believe that I would bring honesty, loyalty, organization, dedication and campus knowledge to Staff Senate. It would be my pleasure to be elected to this vital Shared Governance Committee at Arkansas State University.

Kerry Tew

Kerry Tew is the Director of Student Success for A-State Online and EduCare Program.  Assisting students in transition has been the focus of Kerry’s career, specifically first year students.  As Director of the EduCare Program, Kerry works to offer a system of support and opportunities for undergraduate online students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who are interested in working towards a degree and a successful career.  As Director of Student Success, Kerry works with the A-State Online Student Services team to develop and implement programs and resources to assist online students with completing their degrees.  Kerry is a graduate of Jonesboro High School and completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at The University of Mississippi, where she met her husband Dr. Philip Tew.

Casey Vaughan

My name is Casey Vaughan, I currently serve as the Ticket Account Executive with the Red Wolves Foundation here at Arkansas State. As a kid from central Arkansas, I grew up with dreams to someday be a Red Wolf. After graduating from Cabot High School in 2013, I attended Crowder Junior College on a baseball scholarship. I obtained my Associates Degree in Psychology, along with being an Academic All-American. I signed my NLI with Arkansas State and played baseball here from 2017-2019. During my time as a student-athlete I served as the President for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the Arkansas State Sun-Belt Student Ambassador, and was selected as the senior speaker for the 2019 Athletics Banquet. I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science in 2018, and Masters Degree in Sport Administration in 2020 before being hired by the Red Wolves Foundation full time. I am humbled by the staff senate nomination. I look forward to representing Athletics, while working alongside my colleagues and our community to help improve Arkansas State. Wolves Up!

EEO 40: Technical/Paraprofessional

Robby Davenport

Like cogs in a machine, every A-State employee has an important role. With the right care, resources and communication, we can all function together to achieve our individual and operational goals. Through Staff Senate, I hope to help foster a functional and fulfilling work environment by bridging the gap between staff and policy-makers.
My career at A-State began in April 2016. Starting out as an institutional service assistant, I gained valuable, first-hand field experience. In October 2017, I began learning more about operations after accepting a promotion as Housekeeping Coordinator. My experience and knowledge continued to grow with my current position as a Director of Custodial services.
Through my custodial experience at A-State, I have witnessed the value of collaboration and communication. Every Red-Wolf has the potential to provide valuable input. If chosen for staff senate, I hope to help shape policies and procedures by acting as a collective voice for effected staff.

Nick Grevas

Now entering his third year at Arkansas State as the Assistant Director for Athletic Facilities & Game Management. Nick Grevas assists with the overseeing and maintenance of all athletic facilities on campus.
He is the athletic event management contact for MBB, Men's Golf, and Women's Golf. He also oversees scheduling of all practices and games.
Grevas came to Arkansas State from Wake Forest (Winston Salem, NC) after spending one year as an Event Management Assistant. At Wake Forest he was the Game Manager for VB, W. Soccer, Baseball, & M. Tennis. While also assisting with all major athletic events.
Prior to Wake Forest he spent two years as a Graduate Student working in the athletics event operations department at Kansas State (Manhattan, KS), while getting a masters in Student Development and Counseling.
A native of Salina, KS Grevas Graduated with a degree in Sports Management from Fort Hays State in 2016.

Madeline Prestidge

As a lifelong resident of Jonesboro and a two-time graduate of A-State, I have spent a lot of time on campus both as a student and as an employee. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in English in 2018, and a Master’s in College Student Personnel Services in Fall 2020—it’s safe to say I bleed scarlet and black! I have worked full-time at A-State for two years as an Administrative Analyst in the Office of the Provost. In this role, I plan events such as Commencement, Faculty Honors, Fall Faculty Conference, and New Faculty Orientation; additionally, I work closely with our Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Services in doing student outreach and retention efforts. For the last two years, I have been a member of our Academic Calendar Committee, the Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee, the Lecture-Concert Series Committee, as well as serving as staff support for the General Education Committee. Because I wear many hats with my job and my campus involvement, I believe I offer a unique perspective as a potential member of Staff Senate. I care greatly for every Red Wolf (which includes faculty, staff, and students), and would advocate for everyone’s opinions to be heard. I would love to give back to our campus community through serving on Staff Senate, and I would sincerely appreciate your vote.

Kelly Sabin

My name is Kelly Sabin and I have worked at Arkansas State since 2016 and have served as an Administrative Assistant as well as an Administrative Analyst. I believe that my experience will allow me to take into consideration both EEO categories when difficult situations arise.
I'm currently also a student here at A-State, majoring in Business Administration, which I hope will give me a unique perspective when student issues occur as I believe that no matter what your title may be that students are our top priority.
I would love to serve as your Staff Senate Representative because I want to make sure that your voice is heard. This past year has been very difficult for all of us, but it has also allowed us to reflect and progress and I'm certain that there are some amazing ideas out there just waiting to be heard. As your Staff Senate Representative, I want you to know that I will maintain an open door/email policy, one in which I hope that you will be comfortable in sharing your concerns/comments that you would like to be brought before Staff Senate.
A brief summary of my service here at A-State, I have served as a Mentor in the 100 Mentorship this past year, and I have assisted with a new Staff Senate Subcommittee this year.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Bio, your time is very much appreciated. Wolves Up!

EEO 60: Skilled Crafts

Chad Moss

My name Is Chad Moss and I have been at astate for 8 years. I am a Plumber and I work as a skilled tradesman for facilities management, I also have a Technical degree in industrial maintenance from ASUN. I’m a pretty simple guy I have 2 sons and a baby on the way and I have been married to my Beautiful wife for 11 years. I would love to serve my peers by severing on the staff senate