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September 2022

The PROPS program includes a monthly profile of an A-State staff member that works every day behind the scenes to improve Arkansas State University… because EVERY Red Wolf Counts!

Staff members are selected from a pool of candidates that is created from the PROPS nomination form.

Tamika Jones

Tamika Jones.jpg

Tamika Jones was nominated for P.R.O.P.S. recognition by two students: Por’cha Harris and Jasmine Jones. Her nominators both characterized her as a hard worker and Por’cha went on to say “She goes above and beyond to keep A-State as clean and together as possible. Ms. Jones works overtime to ensure the safety of the students and staff.”

P.R.O.P.S. subcommittee members Cathy Naylor and Greg Umhoefer spoke with Tamika recently to learn more about her and her experience at A-State.

What I like about A-State is...  

“...the people. I love the students. They call me Mama T. I talk to them like I talk to my babies. I live for the moment when they come to me excited about their grades.”

Who is your role model?

“My father. He always pushed me. When I was younger, I didn’t understand some of the things he’d say to me, or understand what he was doing. But I wouldn’t have made it through all the hard times if he didn’t raise me the way he did.”

My favorite hobby is...

“Mudding. Reading when I was younger, but now I like to go mudding.”

If I could travel anywhere it would be...

“Back to the past when I was growing up running after chickens, hearing my grandmother say ‘good morning,’ making bacon and eggs. I would go back. I can still remember by grandfather making me a cup of coffee and my legs swinging from the chair. I would go back to that moment.”

My favorite vacation spot is...

“Belgium – I have been there twice. I was invited by a friend. They were there for business, and I was just there for fun. It was different but I liked it.”

The one thing my adult-self would tell my younger-self is...

“Don’t worry about the little things. It’s going to be ok. I stress a lot, I worry a lot, always have since I was a little girl. I would tell me it’s going to be okay, you’re gonna do a good job, your daddy would be proud of you.”

“I tell my babies that a lot, I tell students that. It’s gonna be okay.”

“One of my favorite sayings is ‘don’t get so caught up chasing alligators that you forget to drain the swamp.’ And what that means is, don’t let your problems let you forget your mission.”

If you could have another job or career, what would it be and why?

“An actress, I always wanted to be an actress and I almost got there. I travelled for acting through high school. They would send me to New York and get me on tape. I like drama acting, that was my thing.”

“In junior high, my brother was supposed to look after me but he couldn’t. So, his girlfriend came and got me and took me to the high school because she had theater practice. And I sat there and I watched them act out and they were doing these movements. It was the most magical thing I’d seen in my life.”

What is the one thing you wish you could teach everyone about your role on campus?

“It can be demanding and stressful at times but I’m nothing without my team. My main priority is to have my team’s back. No matter how stressful or hard this job is, they are my top priority.”