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2024 Elections

Abigail Speights

(Abby Speights Hass)

During my time in Enrollment Management, I have had the privilege to serve multiple departments and divisions. I would love the chance to continue to serve A-State at another level, and I believe serving on Staff Senate is the perfect opportunity!  


Adam Long

I am currently the Executive Director of the A-State Heritage Sites, four historic sites of national importance in the Arkansas Delta including the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home, the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum, the Lakeport Plantation Museum, and the Southern Tenant Farmers Museum.  My office is in the Kays House on campus, where I coordinate our off-campus programs with on-campus departments.  I have been with the university for twelve years.  My background is in American literature, particularly the writings of the American modernists.  Our sites cover a wide variety of disciplines and cut across numerous departments of the university.  In my experience, the university does its best and most exciting work when we collaborate across departments.  I would be happy to serve on the Staff Senate in order to help facilitate this collaboration.  Thank you for your consideration.


Blake Walker

Bio: My name is Blake Walker and I am the Associate Director for Access and Accommodation Services. I’ve worked here a little over seven years but I’ve been on or around A-State for over almost 15 years as a student (bachelor’s and master’s) and employee. A major part of my job is representing and advocating for students and I would love the opportunity to use these skills to represent and advocate for my colleagues here at A-State.


Bradley (Brad) Bobo

I'm a proud alum of A-State and am always looking for ways to serve my alma mater. I'm also a lifelong Northeast Arkansas resident and value Arkansas State's role as one of the region's primary economic and cultural engines. 

As a staff member in Athletics, I think it is important to create more connectivity between my department and the rest of our campus. I feel that serving on the Staff Senate would allow me to better inform the folks in our Athletics Department of what's going on in and around A-State. It would also hopefully allow me the opportunity to better inform the rest of our campus staff on the events and issues taking place in Athletics. 


Brandi Hodges

Brandi Hodges is assistant director of university communications here at A-State. She joined the university staff in the fall of 2022.  
She loves reading, writing and anything where she can be creative. In her spare time, Brandi likes to garden, bake and knit. During the summer months, friends and family are often sent home with bags of produce from her vegetable garden and blooms from her flower garden. Most recently, she has taken up watercolor painting.  
Before joining the A-State staff, Brandi was the marketing and public relations manager for the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library for 11 years. Before working at the library, she worked at KAIT-TV as a producer, reporter and anchor for 9 years.  

A 2003 A-State graduate, she received a bachelor’s degree in radio-television from the College of Liberal Arts and Communication. She is currently seeking a master’s degree in strategic communications through A-State Online.  

Brandi is active in the community, serving on the boards for The Learning Center and Friends of the Library. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador with the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.  
Outside of working hours, Brandi volunteers with an animal rescue, helping care for and foster bunnies.


Carlena Adams

Thank you for the nomination to Staff Senate. With over twenty years invested in higher education, as not only an employee but also as a student, I understand the daily realities faced by staff members, from workload pressures to professional development opportunities, and I am ready to advocate for solutions that enhance our working environment and promote our collective success. I recognize the importance of fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among us. Through regular forums, social events, and initiatives that promote inclusivity and diversity, we can strengthen our bonds and work together towards a brighter future for all. Our institution thrives not just on the brilliance of its faculty, but on the dedication and hard work of every staff member.

In my current position as the VoIP Administrator, often dubbed the "phone person," I have the privilege of engaging with every department on campus. This allows me to forge connections and build relationships with all that touch our campus. Throughout my career in higher education, I've assumed various roles, spanning from administrative positions to serving as a program assistant, and finally transitioning into Information Technology.

In my personal life, I've dedicated over 21 years to volunteering in various educational programs. Additionally, I've been an advocate for marginalized communities, fearlessly speaking up for those without a voice while always maintaining respect and empathy in my approach.

I enjoy a variety of interests, including sports, baking, quality time with family and friends, and immersing myself in a good book. I am the mother of three wonderful sons and the nana to three amazing grandchildren.


Craig Estes

I have been working in Procurement Services as Procurement Manager for 3 years. I love this job, the people I work with, and the university itself as I am a 2008 alumnus. I look forward to the opportunity to serve my coworkers across campus! Thank you!

Dominique White

Hi Everyone!

My name is Dominique White! I currently serve as the Director of Access and Accommodation Services. I have worked with students with disabilities for almost 10 years. I am interested in serving on staff senate because I think it is important to connect and network with other valuable members of the campus community. These connections help keep you informed about what is happening in various areas that you may not be aware of, and it allows you to lend your voice or support to help accomplish important work. In addition, I think it is valuable to have a voice on staff senate that can speak to disability access concerns, needs, and initiatives that the campus community can address in a collaborative way that helps ensure that “Every Red Wolf” truly does count.

I’ve served on staff senate in the past, but it has been a while. I would love to engage more with this important group of individuals and hopefully add a necessary and unique perspective. 


Erin Marlowe


My name is Erin Marlowe and I am the Human Resource Staffing Director for the Athletics Department at Arkansas State University. I am eager to serve on a staff senate committee because I believe in the power of collective action to enact positive change within our organization. Serving on this committee would provide me with an invaluable opportunity to contribute my skills, perspectives, and ideas towards addressing the needs and concerns of our staff community. I am passionate about fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment where every voice is heard and valued. By actively participating in this committee, I aim to collaborate with colleagues to implement initiatives that enhance communication, promote professional development, and advocate for the well-being of our staff members.  “Empower Your Voice, Vote for Change”


Jon Doyle

My name is Chris Doyle present myself for consideration for Staff Senate. I have worked in the ASU System for 12 years and look forward to working with you and making our voices heard. Should you honor me with your trust, I promise to be a steadfast advocate for all staff here at Arkansas State University.

Karen Nelson

My name is Karen Nelson, and I am the A-State University Center Coordinator on the ASU Mid-South campus. I have been a staff member at Arkansas State University since November 1, 2019. Prior to joining Arkansas State, I was a staff member with ASU Mid-South’s Trio SSS program, where I served as an Academic Counselor for three years. My areas of expertise are in student support in higher education.

I am interested in becoming a member of the ASU Staff Senate for a variety of reasons. Prior to joining ASU I served in staff positions in higher education institutions for 17 years. In my roles at these institutions I worked as an Academic Advisor and Associate Director of the Transfer office to help students reach their educational goals. I also took an active role on the campuses by volunteering on a number of committees for the campus community and area community.

As a result of my experiences, I have an understanding how important it is for staff members to work together in maintaining a positive and safe environment for our students and staff/faculty members. By being involved and committing your time to serve are important ways to help see the goals you are seeking are met for our Arkansas State students. I want to be part of the team that helps to find solutions. If elected for the senate, I will be diligent about the responsibility and will do my best to make positive and meaningful contributions.


Katherine Pryor

I have been with Arkansas State University since January 2020 in roles as an Administrative Assistant II in the Department of Physical Therapy, Admissions Coordinator for Online Programs, Transfer Coordinator for Online Programs, and now I am an Academic Advisor for Online Programs. I am a mother of 4 and I am completing my Bachelor of Psychology degree this July.

I have a passion for helping to improve all aspects of Arkansas State University for students and staff. I believe that the opportunity to serve on the Staff Senate will help me improve the University, and help me improve professionally, which is a goal of mine. I wish to grow and enhance my career at Arkansas State. Throughout my roles at A-State, I have been able to build many connections in the different colleges and departments that I believe could be beneficial to the Staff Senate. I would appreciate this opportunity to serve on the Staff Senate and work hard to make sure I do not let anyone who wishes to vote for me down. Thank you for this nomination and opportunity.


Kathy Hicks

My name is Kathy Hicks and I would like your consideration as candidate, for the EEO category Professional/Non-Faculty, EEO 10/30, to represent the Staff Senate.  I am an Arkansas State University alumni with a Master of Business Administration degree.  I have been at Arkansas State University for 21 years. 

I was hired with the Arkansas Biosciences Institute as an Accounting Supervisor in January 2003.  I transferred to Facilities Management in June 2004 as the Director of Business Services.  In January 2012, I transferred to the Provost Office where I am currently the Associate Vice Provost for Budget and Planning.  I have served on numerous committees, present and past, including the Academic Budget Committee (2016-present Ex-Officio), Staff Hearing Committee (2008-2016), Shared Governance Oversight Committee (2010-2014 - served as Vice Chair 2013-2014), Employee Benefits Committee (2008-2009), Information & Technology Committee (2007), and Grants and Contracts Committee (2003-2004).  I have also served on several Task Force Committees such as the HLC Committee for Criteria 4 & 5 (2023-2024), Faculty Equity Task Force Committee (2018-2019), ITS Business Owners Group (2010-2012), Internal Control Work Group (2008-2009), and Education and Research Initiative for Strategic Planning Council Task Force (2003-2004).

I am honored to be nominated and would like the opportunity to serve as your representative by listening to different points of views and expanding my knowledge.  Thank you in advance for your consideration as a candidate for the Professional/Non-Faculty, EEO 10/30 category.


Kelsey Baker

Kelsey Baker is a three-time graduate of Arkansas State University. She is the Fiscal Support Analyst for the College of Engineering and Computer Science which she takes great pride in serving students, faculty, and staff with their educational and financial needs and concerns across campus. Over the course of 7 plus years, Kelsey has served as the Admin Specialist and Graduate Admissions Analyst for International Student Services/Admissions as well as the Data Coordinator and Office Manager for Domestic Admissions. In addition to, she also served as the Data Coordinator/Admin Support Supervisor for Financial Aid and Scholarships before her transition to work for the college for Engineering and Computer Science in spring 2023. She takes great pride in assisting students, faculty, and staff with their educational and financial needs and/or questions and concerns on or off campus.

In high school, Kelsey was recognized for best smile and best personality. She radiates positivity wherever she goes, and it’s infectious. She is very empathetic and compassion which is truly remarkable when it comes to understanding life changing situations. She has an incredible knack for making people feel valued and heard. She is shy but also has a sense of humor that lights up any room she enters. Her kindness knows no bounds, and it’s truly inspiring. Her unwavering determination is something that A-State and others deeply admire.

Kelsey ultimate goal is to achieve sustained personal and professional grow throughout her career with A-State and continue to help make a positive change on and off campus.  Kelsey believes that career aspirations help us gain our motivation at times of darkness. When she was a child, stargazing was one of her hobbies; gazing over the infinity of darkness, the story behind every star, galaxy, nebula and the nothingness in between was shrouded in mystery, and she felt invincible because she thought she could uncover every mystery on her own. As she grew older, though, many events shaped her life, and her mind was gradually grounded in reality. However, she retained her sense of wonder and her burning curiosity, which ultimately led her to her future goals.

Kevin Downum

My name is Kevin Downum, and I live in Jonesboro with my wife and two daughters. I recently began my eleventh year as an A-State staff member and have held various roles here. Currently, I serve as the Director of Academic Technology and Media for A-State Online. My primary focus is to use technology to improve the learning experience for our online students. I work closely with faculty and staff to develop innovative solutions that enhance student engagement and success. My passion for this work stems from my commitment to supporting the success of our students and institution.

My nomination as a candidate for Staff Senate is an honor. I have benefited from the Staff Senate advocating for non-faculty employees, and I would love the opportunity to pay it forward. If selected, I will dedicate my efforts to effect positive changes for A-State staff. I have a track record of being a proactive problem solver willing to go the extra mile to meet the university community's needs. My strong communication and collaboration skills make me a natural fit for this role. I will work closely with other staff members to drive positive change and advocate for the interests of my staff colleagues.

Kevin Flory

I graduated in 2005 from Arkansas State University. I was in Healthcare IT for 15 years before transitioning into Higher Ed in 2021. I would be honored to represent ITS if selected for Staff Senate.  

Maria Bedwell

This coming November I will have been employed in the ASU System for 10 years and with ASTATE specifically for 4 years as of this coming October. I have 2 children who are 10 years apart in age and have been married for 12 years. We are an active family who is deeply involved in softball in the spring and spend summers at the river. We have 4 pets, 3 fur babies and 1 large tortoise. In December I will graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

I would appreciate the chance to serve on the Staff Senate because being an employee of Arkansas State University has been a wonderful opportunity for me regarding my education, my career and my overall development as a person. I love where I work and I have grown so much in my career since taking my role in the Delta Center and learning from those around me. Being involved in staff senate would allow me to better serve my institution by having a clearer understanding of policies, procedures, campus life and by learning more from my fellow ASTATE staff members. I believe exposure to other people, opinions and views in various situations is what makes a person continuously grow in life and that is my goal, to continue to grow and improve myself in and outside of work.


Mary Martin

My name is Mary Martin and I am proud to be a graduate of Arkansas State University.  I have been working at First National Bank Arena since 2011 and currently serve as the Associate Director of Finance for the Arena.  My position allows me to work closely with my FNB Arena team, promoters of concerts and local events, people from the community, vendors and other departments across campus who host and participate in events at the Arena. 

Participation in the Staff Senate would enhance my opportunities to collaborate with additional colleagues on campus and to serve faculty, students and staff in reaching important goals that affect each of us at Arkansas State University.

It would be my honor to serve in this capacity for the betterment of the University. 


Melanie Wicinski

Bio: Melanie Wicinski currently serves as Associate Vice Chancellor for Accreditation and Assessment and HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer at Arkansas State University. Dr. Wicinski earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, Adult Education (Cognate: Research and Measurement) from University of South Florida in 2014. Dr. Wicinski also has a master’s degree from University of Florida (1992) and a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University (1991), both in Early Childhood Education. She continues to teach by serving Arkansas State University as an adjunct professor in the educational leadership master’s program and previously held a courtesy appointment as Assistant Professor at Florida A&M University, where she taught in the higher education master’s program. Dr. Wicinski values service to the university and to her community and thus, acts as an Assistant Editor and content specialist for the Journal of Global Education and Research (JGER); is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for NE Arkansas 2nd Judicial District; and is an active member of the University Community Rotary Club.  Melanie lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas with her husband, Vince and son, Jacob and her miniature pinscher, Indy.

Reason for joining: I enjoy being a part of the A-State community.  I know being a part of the Staff Senate would allow me to positively impact the institution and keep me aware of what is happening on-campus.


Pamela Henderson

Pamela Henderson is the Associate Director and an academic advisor for the University Advising Center. She has been at the University and in the Advising Center since 2017, but has worked in various roles within higher education for 20 years. Pamela teaches in the Restart Program for students needing academic intervention as well as teaches Making Connections for exploratory majors. Pamela is an alumnus of Arkansas State University, graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology. She also obtained her Specialist degree as well as her Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University. A-State is home for Pamela.

Pamela has served in various leadership roles across the State and at A-State. Pamela is the current President of the Arkansas Academic Advising Network (ArkAAN) where she hosted their annual Spring Drive-In Conference and established their Summer Institute. Pamela is an active member with NACADA, the global academic advising organization. She is currently serving as chair of the Undergraduate Enrollment and Academic Policy committee where she provides input on campus policies that impact our students. I am interested in serving on Staff Senate because I would like to become more involved on campus and to make a difference for our staff. I am eager to serve by having input on policies, procedures, and programs that impact our staff. I would love to make an impact on our campus and with your vote “WE will make an impact together.”

Patricia Glascock

Hello, my name is Pat Glascock.  I am one of the counselors in the Wilson Counseling Center and I teach some basic 1- hour coping skills type classes though Transition Studies, University College.  I hold several graduate degrees from Astate.   It has been my privilege and honor to serve the Astate Community for a number of years through a variety of ways; including previous terms on the Staff Senate.  I also do faith-based volunteer work in the Jonesboro community. I believe strongly that the staff members of Arkansas State University provide a variety of valuable and needed services for students, faculty and other staff members in our Astate Community.  As such, staff members’ concerns and needs should be considered with a platform to be heard; as well as the lines and loops of communication continuing to be examined for improvement for all constituents of the Astate Community.  This is my understanding of the purpose of Shared Governance, specifically the work of the Staff Senate.  With that purpose in mind, it would be my intention to serve to the best of my ability, if provided the opportunity.  This includes attending, being prepared and actively participating in meetings regularly (or finding proxies, as required per the guidelines); as well as, helping as needed by working on Staff Senate committees and/or with activities.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Rochelle Morris

 I excitedly joined the School of Nursing at A-State in November of 2020 as the Pre-Nursing Advisor for undergraduate programs. Being a Midwest native, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, I've had the opportunity to live in various states across the country; with Tampa, Florida being my favorite. My journey in higher education began in 2001 when I started as a Faculty Recruiter for the University of Phoenix. Since then, I've had the privilege of working with several distinguished universities such as University South Florida, University of Tampa (just to name a few), contributing to the Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Advising departments. After completing my undergraduate and advanced degrees in management, I remain committed to lifelong learning and personal growth.

I'm interested in serving on Staff Senate because I have a sincere passion for contributing to the advancement of our university community. Through my experiences in higher education, I've developed a genuine understanding of the needs and concerns of staff members. I believe that by participating in the Staff Senate, I can advocate for and support a collaborative environment, and the implementation of positive changes that benefit all members of the university. Serving on Staff Senate would not only allow me to represent my colleagues but also allow me to enthusiastically engage in initiatives dedicated to enhancing the overall experience for staff members at Arkansas State University.


Sandra Hermann

I live close to downtown Jonesboro with 2 Yorkies and a cat.  I like to grow flowers and sit on my patio and watch birds come and eat at feeder is my way of relaxing.

My interest in serving on the Staff Senate is knowing I will be a be a part of the shared Governance process at Arkansas State University.  I want to serve on the Staff Senate because I want to be part of the solution to the issues the Staff Senate may face, to promote better understanding and be an advocate for changes or improvements that affects the staff at ASU.

Thank you for giving me this chance to serve.


Tiffany Mosley

It would be my pleasure to serve as a Staff Senate representative to provide insight, share concerns, and communicate information with my peers and colleagues. Thank you for your consideration.


Vanessa Williams

Hi! My name is Vanessa Williams, and I'm excited to be running for the Staff Senate. I've been married for 16 years and have two awesome kids—an 11-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. I earned my MBA from A-State in 2020, and my strong connection to our university drives my desire to serve.

I am interested in serving on the Staff Senate because I believe in the importance of staff participation in shaping our university. I want to contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where every staff member feels valued and empowered. I hope to advocate for policies that enhance our workplace and support the professional growth of our community.

Thank you again for this opportunity. I look forward to the possibility of serving our community in this capacity.