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University Academic Integrity Committee

The University Academic Integrity Committee (UAIC) is a shared governance committee that considers cases of students accused of academic misconduct and determines whether the student is responsible. The UAIC does not issue sanctions.

The convening committee for an academic misconduct hearing is three faculty members and one student. For cases involving academic misconduct of a graduate student, the student representative will be a graduate student.  

The Committee reports to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Research.

Membership will consist of: three faculty members and two undergraduates from each college as well as one graduate student from each academic college that has a graduate program.

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Services and the Graduate Dean will serve as Ex Officio members.


  • Jacob Manlove
  • Steve Green
  • Ed Brown
  • Lilliana Newton
  • Faith Rogers
  • Matthew Blevins
  • Jollean Sinclaire
  • Chris Brown
  • Sarath Nonis
  • Austin Murray
  • TBD
  • fnu Jagriti
  • David Saarnio
  • Greg Cantrell
  • Lee Ann Oros
  • Tyler Guthrie
  • Haley Stiger
  • Cristin Atha
  • Yeonsang Hwang
  • Niamat Ibne Hossain
  • Jonathan Stubblefield
  • Drew King
  • Jackson Chrestman
  • Lakresha Holley
  • Erin Cameron
  • DayDay Robinson
  • Ron Sitton
  • Ann Long
  • William Garrett Partain
  • Abigail Mock
  • Teresa Clark
  • Lindsay White
  • Debra Schulte
  • Emma Shields
  • Jonathan Schaufler
  • Katie Jones
  • Aslea Wijeratne
  • Hao Yang Teng
  • Ross Carroll
  • Diana Ashley
  • Clay Aureli
  • Jennifer Terry
  • Courtney BracyLisa Ferrell
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Cherisse Jones-Branch