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Radiation and Safety Committee

Radiation and Laser Safety

The purpose of the Radiation and Laser Safety Committee is to provide oversight regarding the license from State of Arkansas that governs the use of radioactive materials and lasers including the safe use of radionuclides; maintaining safety protocols for using lasers classified as 2,3, and 4 power levels; providing guidance for all ancillary staff and research personnel involved in radiation and laser research; and appointing a radiation safety (RSO) and laser safety (LSO) officers to ensure compliance.

Members are appointed to staggered three-year terms by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research. The committee elects a chair at the beginning of each year. The Radiation and Laser Safety Committee reports to the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies.


Roster List for the Committee Members

Ronald Johnson, RSO

Starr Fenner, LSO

Bruce Johnson

Ray Winters

Ben Rougeau

David Gilmore

Starr Fenner

Kimberly Marshall