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Library Committee

The Library Committee advises the library staff on needs of library users, and provides a forum for expression for library users’ views in areas of acquisitions and operating policy. The committee reports to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research.

Membership consists of three undergraduate students appointed by the Student Government Association and two graduate students appointed by the Graduate Student Council to serve for one-year; five faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate (one must be a library faculty member); two staff members appointed by the Staff Senate; one representative from Information and Technology Services; one representative from the Arkansas Bioscience Institute; and one representative from the Chairs Council, all of whom will serve staggered three-year terms, beginning with the start of the academic year. The Dean of the Library and Information Resources will serve as an ex-officio, nonvoting member. The committee elects a chair at the beginning of each academic year.


  • Maria Barner
  • Christine Wright
  • Annette Bednar
  • Jay Xu
  • Bill Hu
  • Dominique Hallett
  • Mohammad Hassan
  • Samuel Mensah Noi
  • Henry Torres
  • Jeff Bailey
  • Madison Goble
  • Paige Willet
  • Courtney Gibson
  • Jeannie Cossey
  • Chelsea Gambill