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Honors Awards Committee

The Honors Awards Committee selects the recipient of the Wilson Award, the University’s highest student honor. The committee also selects the recipients of the Distinguished Service Awards which are 23 granted each year to graduating seniors who have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership and citizenship. The Honors Awards Committee reports to the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement.

Membership consists of three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate; three staff members appointed by the Staff Senate (two members should be from Student Affairs with another being appointed from another area of the University); the SGA President Pro Tem; the Black Student Association President; and the IFC President or NPC President, depending on their graduation date (in the event one of the above student representatives is unable to serve the ASPHC President or SGA Graduate Senator may be asked to serve); and three Wilson Fellows selected by the leadership of the Wilson Fellows from former Wilson Award winners. All faculty and staff will serve staggered three-year terms. Student members will serve one year terms.

The Vice Chancellor for University Advancement’s designee will serve as the ex-officio, non-voting chair. The chair is responsible for scheduling the meetings of the committee.

  • Katie Henley
  • Deanna Jones
  • Rodney Carmack
  • Michael Bowman
  • Donna Caldwell
  • Ian Buchanan
  • Gwenette Confer
  • Jamaica Walker
  • Jonathan Schaufler
  • Erika Chudy
  • Vacant 
  • Vacant 
  • Vacant