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Faculty Handbook Committee

The Faculty Handbook Committee reviews Faculty Handbook issues and recommends proposed changes. The Faculty Handbook can recommend editorial changes without constituent involvement. Editorial changes are changes in punctuation, wording, or grammar that do not affect the content or meaning of the text. Such editorial changes shall be recommended through the Faculty Handbook Committee directly to the VCAAR who shall promptly forward the proposed change with recommendation to the Chancellor who shall submit it to the President and Board for decision and implementation if appropriate.

The Faculty Handbook Committee is comprised of nine members appointed by the Faculty Senate. The members will include seven tenured faculty members, a dean and a chair appointed by the Senate in consultation with the respective Councils. Each college will be represented. The committee reports to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research.


  • Amanda Lambertus
  • Jim Washam
  • Bert Greenwalt
  • Annette Hux
  • Paul Minor
  • Shelley Gipson
  • Donna Caldwell
  • Suzanne Melescue
  • John Seydel