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Computers & Technology Committee

The Computers and Technology Committee coordinates computer and technology implementation.

Membership consists of two undergraduate students appointed by the Student Government Association; two graduate students appointed by the Graduate Student Council; four faculty members appointed to staggered three-year terms by the Faculty Senate (faculty chosen with computing and instructional technology expertise); the Director of the Center for Learning Technology (CLT); two staff members appointed to staggered three-year terms by the Staff Senate; one dean appointed annually by the Academic Deans Council; one chair appointed annually by the Chairs Council; the Chief Information Officer or designee; the Director of the Instructional Video Network; and one representative appointed annually from each of the following offices: Research and Technology Transfer, Arkansas Biosciences Institute, Academic Affairs and Research, Finance and Administration, and the Library. The committee elects a chair at the beginning of each academic year.

The committee reports to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research.


  • Henry Torres
  • Carl Cates
  • Len Frey
  • John Nowlin
  • Cameron Wimpy
  • Ilwoo Seok
  • Kim Vickrey
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Eric Dry
  • Tom Risch
  • Claire McCord
  • William Silas
  • Zachery Adams
  • Himaja Balakrishnan