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Academic Budget Committee

The Academic Budget Committee (ABC) provides assistance to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research (VCAAR) on budget development as it relates to the goals and overall planning of the unit. Fiscal strategies are discussed which support the growth and development of units which report to the VCAAR office. Assessment strategies also may be employed to evaluate current operations as they relate to budgetary efficiency and effectiveness.

The ABC will consist of two deans appointed by the Deans Council; two chairs appointed by the Chairs Council; two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate; and two students, one undergraduate appointed by the SGA and one graduate student appointed by the GSC. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research and the budget officer in the VCAAR office will serve as ex-officio, nonvoting members. The committee elects a chair at the beginning of each fiscal year. Deans, chairs and faculty members will serve staggered two-year terms; students will serve one-year terms.


  • Lynita Cooksey         Academic Affairs
  • Kathy Hicks              Academic Affairs
  • Kris Biondolillo         College of Education and Behavioral Science
  • Marika Kyriakos       College of Liberal Arts and Communication
  • Mary Jane Bradley  College of Education and Behavioral Science
  • Susan Hanrahan     College of Nursing and Health Professions
  • John Hall                 College of Education
  • Bill Hu                      Neil Griffin College of Business
  • Rokib Hasan           Graduate Student Council
  • Thomas Hamaker   SGA