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Equal Opportunity Committee

The Equal Opportunity Committee reviews policies concerning discrimination and recommends modifications when necessary. In performing its duties, members serve as a committee for hearings involving alleged discrimination.

The Equal Opportunity Committee reviews reports issued by university, state, and federal sources to determine and recommend hiring, promotions, and retention activities required for the university to comply institutional goals. The committee will forward reports and recommendations to the chancellor. The chancellor will coordinate with vice chancellors those actions necessary to assure compliance.

Membership consists of four students appointed annually by the Student Government Association; one graduate student appointed annually by the Graduate Student Council; five faculty members appointed to staggered three-year terms by the Faculty Senate; and five staff members appointed to staggered three-year terms by the Staff Senate. The Vice Chancellor for Diversity Initiatives and Community Engagement serves as an ex officio, nonvoting member. The committee elects a chair at the beginning of each academic year.


  • Tiffany N. Mosely
  • Lonnie Williams
  • Ross Carroll
  • Amanda Mohler
  • Carlitta Moore
  • April Sheppard
  • Laurie Umansky
  • Fnu Jagriti
  • Porsha McGregor
  • Tiffany Mosley
  • Danny Vivar
  • Joycelynn Williams
  • Shaquita Renelique
  • Candence Brooks
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
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