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Shared Governance

Shared Governance committees provide the opportunity for constituent participation in university governance. The spirit and intent of shared governance principles will guide all committees. Shared Governance Committees perform their assigned duties and also provide a vehicle for submission of proposed changes to policy.

Book of Committees

Book of Committees (pdf)


  Suggested Shared Governance Proposal Format

Shared Governance Process

  1. Members of the SGOC meet to discuss and decide whether a proposal is a matter for shared governance. This part of the process is called “setting the disposition”.
  2. If the proposal is NOT considered a shared governance issue, it is returned to the author(s) with a rational from the committee regarding its decision.
  3. If the proposal IS considered a shared governance issue, it goes out to all reviewing constituency groups for initial review and comments. Individuals are allowed to make comments on the original document through their constituency group representative.
  4. All comments, on the proposal, are returned to the Responsible Committee.
    Note – If all constituency group accepts the proposal as written the process can stop.
  5. The Responsible Committee is given an opportunity to make changes to the proposal based on the submitted comments.
  6. When the comment period has concluded, the edited document is recirculated among the constituency group for an up or down vote.
  7. The outcome of the votes are tallied by the SGOC.
  8. A formal communication of the results are sent to the Chancellor.
  9. The Chancellor forms a response to the SGOC and campus.
The following steps occur, if deemed necessary by the Chancellor
  1. The recommendation(s) are sent to the President.
  2. The President presents the recommendation to the Board of Directors for a vote.