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Scooter Guidelines




At the request of students and the support of student government, Arkansas State University welcomes the use of micro-mobility devices on campus.  Not only do they allow on-campus residents greater flexibility in moving from residence halls to academic buildings, they are also of great use to commuters who park in lots further away from the campus core.  Arkansas State has a relationship with VeoRide who provides both dockless bicycle share and electric scooters. 

To use the VeoRide system, download their app from your respective mobile device store.  Also, to access discounts for dockless bicycle share and subscriptions to dockless bicycle share, make sure to register with our AState.edu official email address.

Pricing for dockless bicycle share is by the ride, or with subscriptions, somewhat unlimited. Pricing for electric scooters includes a fee to unlock and begin the ride, plus a per-minute additional charge.

To learn more about costs to use on-campus micro-mobility devices, go to VeoRide.com


For the safety of all users – both those on scooters and pedestrians they will interact with – we ask all users to follow these guidelines:

  • Pedestrians across campus have the right of way at all times, and all two-wheel or four-wheel slow speed vehicles must yield to pedestrians.

  • Electric scooters should only be operated where bicycle traffic is permitted.

  • Operation of scooters should be limited to the campus PAC Paths, or when prudent, the campus roadways and parking lots.

  • Scooters are not allowed in buildings on campus.

  • A firm geo-fence around the perimeter of the academic side of campus will prevent the use of electric scooters off campus.  The areas located on the east side of Red Wolf Boulevard – the Agricultural Teaching and Research Center – are not included in the scooter zone.

  • PAC Paths are the campus-wide system of 10-foot and wider mixed use paths.  Most are marked with a small “sharrow” indicating these paths are wide enough to support both two-wheeled traffic (bicycles or scooters) and pedestrians.

  • Use of traditional sidewalks, especially those less than 8 feet wide, is strongly discouraged for two-wheel traffic.  Riders are asked to dismount if pedestrian traffic is high, or use a different route.

  • Within the campus pedestrian core, for the safety of riders and walkers, scooters will be at reduced throttle.  The low-speed area is enforced through the application’s geo-fence.

Scooter Parking on Campus

At the end of rides, riders are asked to park scooters responsibly.  They should be left upright, and parked near bike share racks, regular bike racks, or in designated scooter parking zones (painted boxes on concrete areas).

  • DO NOT park scooters in the right of way for pedestrians or other vehicle operators.
  • DO NOT park scooters in vehicle parking areas.
  • DO NOT park scooters near doors, entryways or in any manner that impedes an ADA accommodation such as a ramp or accessibility door.

Students who repeatedly violate campus parking guidelines for either bike share or scooters will be subject to university student conduct referral, fines or penalties assessed from the vendor, loss of on-campus micro-mobility privileges, or a combination of all.

Individual Safety

We highly encourage students to participate in one of the upcoming SGA-sponsored safety clinics, hosted in conjunction with VeoRide personnel.

  • Scooters are intended to be single rider vehicles
  • Keep both hands on scooter handle bar at all times
  • We encourage use of helmets for all two-wheeled vehicles
  • Take particular care in the campus core for unlevel sidewalks
  • On corners, decrease speed
  • When crossing paths, watch for other two-wheeled vehicles and pedestrians
  • Do not ride with earbuds or headphones
  • Take extra care during inclement weather as rain or ice will make surfaces slick, and puddles or leaves may hide holes or other obstacles
  • Do alert pedestrians and others as you pass
  • Do pass on the left side of the pathways
  • When on roadways, ride with traffic on the right side of the road
  • Under Arkansas state law, a scooter operates the same as a bicycle when on the road
  • At night, make sure the lights are operable on your two-wheeled device
  • Also at night, wear bright, reflective clothing