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Personal Finance Advice by Students for Students

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Every semester, there is a course on financial wellness called Personal Asset Management (FIN 2013). This course is open to all students on campus regardless of major or classification. We have had students from every college on campus from first-year to graduate students. The Final Project every semester is simple – create a video that encourages an incoming first-year college student to make a smart financial decision. It can be something that the student learned about in the course or something that the student learned about “the hard way” in their own personal life.

Below, you will find some of the best videos and advice for college students by college students about how they can and why they should make smart financial decisions. Click on the thumbnails below to watch. Enjoy the videos, learn, and feel free to share them on your own social media accounts!


Want to have fun in college? Make sure you Budget, Budget, Budget! Watch as Hailey Hawkins shows why it is important.


Remember, budgeting is not just for domestic students. It is equally, if not more important for our international friends. Yusuf Hassan talks about budgeting from an international student perspective in this video.


You don’t have to have everything you want right now! Watch as Thomas Cornwell explains why.


There are many different financial pitfalls to avoid in your first semester in college. Roxana Flores gives you three VERY important ones in this video.


Freshman year can be scary, but making smart financial decisions can make it easier! Watch as Sarah Sodoma walks you through a few of those decisions.


There are plenty of small decisions that can be made to improve your time as a first year student. Eli Lawrence has a great example in his video!


One of the best financial tips is how to effectively use what you already pay for. Listen to Sydney Lane as she explains how to effectively use your meal plan!