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Financial Literacy at A-State

Student Empowerment
One of the goals of the Scarlet to Black (S2B) Program is to empower our students so that they can take control of their own personal finances. Whether they need to speak to fellow students in a one on one setting to learn where to begin or need detailed information on a specific financial topic being discussed in a workshop, the S2B Program will be there to lead the way.

Assisting Families
The S2B Program strives to provide educational materials that are relevant to A-State students, as well as to their family members. Immediate family members of students are always invited to attend the workshops throughout the year. Additionally, the S2B Program has a series of videos that explain important financial topics to young children through high school students so that smart financial decision-making can start at an early age.

Helping our Community
Our community can’t improve unless people will step up to assist in that improvement. The S2B Program stands ready to help communities improve in terms of financial literacy. The staff presents to school groups from 3rd grade through community college, religious and civic organizations, or any group who just wants to focus on making smarter financial decisions.

The challenge facing the region is a daunting task, but A-State and the Scarlet to Black Program is ready to meet it head-on.

Go Red Wolves!!